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Frances Torres-Wilson asked 10 months ago

My sister recently move under Section 8, can she relocate to another city same county due to our 97 year old mother been ill, can’t walk and needs help? My other sister needs help caring for our mother. I work full time and live over two and half hours. My sister who is under Section would be able to help if she live closer to my sister to help her out with our mother, plus she doesnt drive, lives 45 or more from mom and depends on public transportation. She was told she has to stay at her place for a year but we didnt expect our mother health to go down hill, unable shower on her oen. This happen unexpectly and we need our sister to help since she doesnt work and would be a great help to help our sister who is caring for mom & works full time. Our sister who has Section 8 lives in Fremont, CA and would be a great help if she can relocate to Dublin, CA or Pleasanton, CA

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