Ask QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsMother took kids from Father to in-laws section 8 apartment ( Nasty )
Richie Duhe asked 3 months ago

My spouse ( unmarried ) just took my 2 boys to her mothers 3 bedroom 2 bath section 8 apartment. The problem is she is amphetamine dependent and prescribed from a quack doctor. Its very depressing whats going on and how drugs destroy our relationship
The apartment consist of NOW 7 people and 2 dogs and the their are mice and roaches everywhere 🙁 Im located in Metairie, Louisiana. Is there some form of violation or something that i can do? I am a home owner with 3 bedrooms myself but she refuses to come back and work things out no matter the living conditions where she is at… Ive asked her to stop taking the pills and come back to reality for the love of our family.

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