Ask QuestionsCategory: Getting Section 8Is there a way to get our bedroom approval upgraded?
Janie asked 12 months ago

I am on disability in Wash State with 16yo b/g twins. My daughter is on disability, also. We just received our eligibility letter but were only approved for a 2bdrm. I understand the rationale that I could share a room with my daughter BUT I have an illness that compromises my immune system and must be extremely careful even around my own children because of this and catch every little cold they bring home, which turns into Pneumonia for me. (Doesn’t help that my current apt is full of mold.) 
What do I need to do or is there even a way possible to get approved for a 3 bedroom instead? Currently, the apt we have been living in is a 2 bdrm but the back bedroom was originally 2 bdrms and I have a heavy curtain/room divider up making it 3 bedrooms. I would stay in this apartment, especially with the rent I pay (I have been here 8 years) but the mold is affecting my health and my landlord barely fixes anything (I have to harass him for months) and if he does it is substandard and/or barely up to par, and tbh, I don’t believe my apt would even pass a Section 8 inspection. IF these aren’t reasons enough, I can also prove I am paying for more than my apt’s electricity. I was out of state for 6 weeks and I made sure to flip all of my breakers off, except the refrigerator, but my bill and consumption were still one of the highest months of the year. (One of the many reasons my rent has never been raised.) The main reason I signed up for Section 8. I realize some of this sounds like quite a bit of background noise. Yet, I am sharing my scenario in hopes that I may get some actual sound advice. 
Thank You in advance for your input!! Happy Holidays!!

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