Ask QuestionsCategory: Getting Section 8is income required to recieve section 8?
chuck asked 1 year ago

is income required to receive section 8?

Miss Kris replied 1 year ago

I’m not sure if you have to have any income, but they do require a minimum month rental portion from the household of $25-$50 a month depending on the state & region you use your voucher in even if your only income is less than that amount. However, it is usually impossible not to have ANY income. If you don’t have any income, they will ask of proof of how you are living & feeding yourself. ANY kind of benefits from local, state or Federal government count as income including SSI, Social Security, Social Security and any of the emergency welfare payment you may get. Also, child support AND any ongoing payments you may be getting from a private charity, church, friends, relatives, your boyfriend/girlfriend, ect. Also, ANY JOB (even a job where the employer doesn’t deduct taxes and you are paid “Off the Books” or “Under the Table” or you are working as a Day Laborer or temporary jobs from Craigslist and EVEN PANHANDLING can count as income. Unless you have proof that you are living in a shelter or on the streets, I would suggest that you state you are doing something for at least a tiny “pocket change” amount of money on your application so you don’t raise any red flags. Then when the do call you in for an interview or want proof of current income, you don’t have to have that source of income anymore. For instance, you can try to do jobs, that you weren’t qualified for or got sick on the first day and were fired or you don’t want to beg in the streets for money anymore. If you say you won $10,000 in a lottery scratch off last year and lived on that, they will want proof from several different places including the IRS. Anything taxable is income such as passive internet income, interest from stocks, bonds, bank accounts, ect. I think the only government benefit they don’t usually count as income is Food Stamps unless they’re the kind that are on a Debt Card and you can use it at an ATM to receive actual cash instead of just buy food items with it. If you worked for cash and your boss refused to give you pay stubs, you are still require to file taxes without your boss’s help. You must call and ask the IRS how to do this exactly, but this is a real law. I know because my friend is an IRS agent and this law is sometimes used to help undocumented immigrants prove they’ve been in the country working because they’re paying taxes and are supposedly law abiding citizens. The IRS also requires you to pay taxes on money you received from panhandling (begging in the street or online through crowdfunding), or technically you must pay taxes on something you find in the street as little as a dollar or even an object like a Cell phone or a diamond ring (that you of course 1st bought to the local police station and waited the mandatory 30 days or whatever local law requires for no one to claim it as lost or stolen before the police let you keep it and you have the police report to prove this!) If you are collecting occasional child support from your deadbeat Ex once in a blue moon or some money on his/her behalf from his/her friends or relatives, Section 8 will count this as income. If you don’t have any income that you have easy proof of from the government or copies of last years tax forms, are you living in a shelter? Then that’s an easy way to prove that you don’t have any taxable or income and aren’t collecting any government benefits. If you are staying on a friends or family member’s couch that could cause issues with them claiming that household gives you money and might even want to see their income in records, so don’t say that! Get an affiliated or letter from a shelter, in a worse case scenario, you(and your husband, children or whoever want to live in the Section 8 household) might have to spend a night in a shelter to get this letter depending on your city & state (I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to get 1 in NYC), but it would be worth that 1 night of Hell. Sorry, for the long answer, but since I became disabled, not only am I stuck home alone all the time, but I’ve been forced to spend all my time learning about the system because my benefits are constantly being reduced, denied or all together terminated WRONGFULLY and I have had to become a professional Advocate for myself just because I can’t afford the huge amount of money per hour a private advocate charges. Plus, I would really want to start an online based non-profit organization, sort of like this blog to help others with all the info, rules, regulations and worst of all IRS Tax code Law, my poor photographic memory was forced to keep. I hope this happens after I finally get to go to Federal Housing Court for Section 8 because the wrongfully doubled my rent in November 2016 and they take 7 months to get a court date!

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