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Peyton asked 9 months ago

Investigating Section 8 Fraud?
There is a tenant in my neighborhood that lives with her ex-con boyfriend. She’s on the lease, he is not. It could easily be proved that he lives there (public records, etc). This is so common, that it has become a Joke.
What usually happens when Section 8 investigates this type of FRAUD?
-If they find out, what does Section 8 do to the Tenant (section 8 recipient)
-What if “The Landlord KNOWS” that an extra boarder is staying at the property?
-What happens if the Landlords also KNOWS and does nothing about it?
-Is the Landlord held to a standard of LAW?
Does the agreement between HUD and the Landlord have a “responsibility” clause holding the Landlord responsible?
(it would seem to me that a Landlord looking the other way, would be JUST AS GUILTY as the Tenant)

Peyton replied 8 months ago

Nothing…no response. Why is this post so Dead?

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