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Catherine H. asked 11 months ago

Dear sir or madam:
I am a woman with section 8 and disability issues. There are many daily chores and activities that I need help with. Fortunately, I have a 14 year old grandson who loves me and wants/likes to help me on a daily basis. My question is this:
What is the required documents needed to add a grandson to my housing voucher​? I was told that I would need to gain “custody” through a “judgement​”.
I have had 2 spinal surgeries and am regularly not amblitory. Those are the times I thank God for the help and care I receive from my grandson when he is able to be around.
Is there another avenue to add 1(twin) of my teenage grandsons​ to my housing voucher so I have live in help that I am comfortable with? I do not particularly​ want custody. Isn’t there an alternative?
Thanks in advance for your time. 

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Lexie answered 11 months ago

I am sorry but yes you would have to have legal guardianship or Custody of him just to add him on as that would increase your benefit amount but they are not just going to add him on just like that and let you get more money. You have to be his legal guardian, have custody of him and show you are the one that provides care for him too. I know you said you are not mobile but there is no easy way just to get more help. If you want help, you have to work for it too. But to finish, NO you cannot add him on and get the benefits of him without having legal guardianship of him. 

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