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Lori Fairchild asked 1 year ago

i have been on Met housing and SSI disability for years, I’m 51, just had multi cervical disk surgery, and haven’t worked in about 15 yrs. Have an old felonious assault felony, but two teens did it, I was at work, I’ve been suffering from depression and stress ever since and anxiety. I also have fibromyalgia, severe headheades,  due to multiple head injuries and my whole right goes numb if i stand very long. I have an eye disease also. My son is already in Denver; I haven’t seen him in 4 yrs and my boy who lives here is graduating from college in May and we want to move out there this summer so I need to PORT MY HOUSING VOUCHER and I’d love to get back into the workplace at somewhere i can help and be surrounded by supportive people who can motivate and mentor me. I have an Associates degree and am seeking mental health and Pain Mgmt now and need someone to find me HOUSING that’ll accept my voucher so i can nail down a lease and some job interviews. THIS HAS TO GO SMOOTHLY because my boy will be leaving and I will lose my house here and my current voucher. I am pleased to come and ready for anything, but I’ve been told NO to my voucher from too many decent apt complexes that have a pool, spa fitness center, and that’s what i need for my physical therapy, I will be paying just over $200 plus the utiilities and getting the help from the housing but I need to find the right place and job (S) READY, to PACK and i have a LOT OF things to give away, here or there, so am really to volunteer at a GOODWILL; or WORK THERE, l saw a MAILROOM clerk job at GEO Aurora, ICE and i want that JOB….i want to help and i can cook too…PLEASE CONTACT ME….i have to FIND HOUSING and know what assitantace I’ll get so I CAN get all this FIGURED OUT…i can’t SLEEP!!!! 

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Angela Hiner answered 1 year ago

Does the place you live have a VOC-REHAB office?? I certainly would be getting in touch with them first and foremost. If you are not familiar with voc rehab services, then your mental health counselor or guidance counselor or whoever you go to for help should by all accounts have the necessary resources for you to research.  Sounds like your plate is over full and i can relate to that. Believe me, there are thousands of resources out there who can give you exactly what it is that you are seeking.  Blessed be

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