Ask QuestionsCategory: I have Section 8Can I add a person that isn't a family member to my Section8?
stephanie asked 1 year ago

Hi, I’d like to know if I can add a person who isn’t a family member to my section 8 voucher. He’s my son’s friend who became homeless and was living in the street but continued to go to highschool with my son he’s 18 and had been adopted but once he turned 18 was kicked out. I want to add him to my voucher so he can continue to go to school get his highschool diploma then go to college. I spoke to someone at the section office and asked them to pls send me a package to add someone she said she would but it wouldn’t be for sure that he’s be accepted I called again and asked if they only let you add family members and the person I spoke to said yes but I’ve heard of people adding people that weren’t their family members

Keisha replied 11 months ago

Yes you can add anyone to your section 8. But as long as he don’t have no felonies or criminal background yes you can add him.

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