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PORTABILITY – General Facts

Housing Choice Vouchers are accepted by cities across the country, giving families real choice about where they live. In the Housing Choice Voucher Program the rental assistance is “portable,” which means, it “moves” with you.


Portability allows you to move with continued assistance to any housing authority in the country that has a Housing Choice voucher program.

Important Portability Facts

  • Each housing authority has its own rules, regulations and deadlines that you must follow.
  • Fair Market Rent limits or payment standards may be different.
  • The utility allowance may be different and may affect the rent amount you pay.
  • Subsidy standards may be different.
  • The new housing authority will issue you a different voucher, which may change the size (number of bedrooms).
  • When you move the new housing authority will re-verify your income.
  • When you transfer to another Housing Authority they may re-verify your household income, family composition and require a recent criminal background check.
  • If you are new to the Housing Choice Voucher Program and have not previously received rental assistance, your income must meet the Income Eligibility Limits of the area where you are transferring.

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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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  1. Hello, I moved from new york to PA a couple of months ago and I want to go back to new york. Does anyone know how long new york will take once the portability is received?..

    • Not long, I ported from ny to California, it was easy, now its been 2 years I wanna head back to ny as well, it shouldn’t be hard, however in california am seeing all kind of crazy stuff about billin and absorbing, I hope I don’t get stuck out west, but am sure ny has absorbing policies

    • I just moved to va from ny in august and I want to go back, as well . with the commonwealth states they say request your port 60 days before your lease is up I say about 90 days cause ny is over loaded with cases . and make sure you call regularly. the goo thing about being billed from ny to ca or ny to va ect is the fact that our voucher still is in our home state . so we are never really residents of the state we port to. because housing is broke. so those who have vouchers don’t lose them.

  2. I’m looking for more info on how to transfer but I found out that they cities are doing more billing than absorbing but I can’t move because the housing authority I’m with only going to let me move if the other city is absorbing… Can I get help on this because I thought you can move without a problem

    • It depends. First off the moving regulation vary by state. What state are you in? Most states do not allow you to move within the first 12 months. But after that, it should be relatively easy (even if you move to another state). In most cases, you do have to get pre-approval so do not move without permission or you risk losing your voucher. Some states allow you simply fill out a move request form or even just call them up and get approval that way.

    • I’m in va and I stayed in my area for 12months but I still can’t get nobody to get a approval from in the areas I wanna move to

    • Its against the law for them to tell you you cant move..tell them to show you proof that they cant afford to pay for your billing..thats the only way you will not be able to go.

    • It’s not against the law for them to tell you you can’t move. If the new county you are moving into is not absorbing, then you can’t move until they are. But you can move about freely within your current county.

  3. is there a chance you can get approved to port if the ha that your coming from payment standard is lower and the city is only billing

    • It’s possible to port, but if the payment standard is lower, the voucher amount will not match what your currently receiving in all likelihood.

  4. i dont think i understand so you still will be able to port if the payment standard is lower than the location your trying to port to and there billing. I’ve been trying to move but my county had a budget cut my worker know ive been trying my best to relocate and they finally approved people to move but im thinking ill still get denied due to the fact my country payment standard is $51 less than where im trying to relocate

  5. the fair market rent where im located at for 3 bedroom is $1581 and where im trying to relocate is $1568 but the voucher payment standard for my location is $1517 and the location im going to voucher payment is the same as there fair market rent which is $1568 so i wanna know will i get denied for sure or there is a chance ill be able to get approved

    • No, that does not mean you will get denied for sure. But if the fair market is higher over there, your rent portion may be a little bit higher.

  6. the paperwork also say if you are requesting to port out to a housing authority with higher payment standard that is not absorbing your move will be denied

  7. if its my recertiftion time you are not allowed to request to around that time the county i want to relocate to is absorbing is there a way i can work around this to be able to port

    • Yes, make the request to port first (right away), and then follow up. They may make you fill out another recertification but as long as they are willing to absorb you should be okay. In the meantime, don’t neglect your current re certification. you don’t want the deadline to pass.

  8. ok so my recertification is always in december paperwork is due around the 20th when should i put the request in if the other county is absorbing around that time. also i usually get my info back from my recert around march can i also put a request in right before march or i have to wait to receive that paper

  9. I want to port to Georgia how long does the process take if I have to put in a 30 day notice and is it hard to find housing there. Do u have to pay ur own security and light down payment and water down payment. does anyone know about that.

  10. I’m trying to understand what is the billing and absorbing about? I never heard until now in California, the thing is I ported from ny to cali 2 years ago with no problem, but now I wanna head back to ny my home state, and they are saying I might be denied, if the area of ny do billing? And if its absorbing then its ok? Can someone please explain to me what’s the difference with billing and absorbing? Cause am thinkin it has to do with housing charging for the move or willing to jus maintain the move? I don’t get it, this is all new to me, I’ve never heard of this b4 and I have moved b4 in the past back east without any problems!

  11. What I can see absorbing is where the HA you move to basically pays their part of the rent Billing means that the HA.you moved from pays their part. So say you move back to ny and they are absorbing then ny will pay the rent if they are Billing then cali will pay which is probably why they said if ny is Billing you may be denied.

    • Thank you, what a mess though I really hope this all clears up, I would be devastated if I get stuck out here in cali. Hopefully not, I will look into this matter more and see where my options are at.

  12. Hi, I have a question about being considered a month-to-month tenant. I have a housing choice voucher and have fulfilled the 1-year lease requirement at my complex. So during the recertification with the PHA, I asked if I was considered a m-t-m renter now and was told “no” because the complex does not use the HUD model lease….can this be true?

  13. Hi, I want to move to Ga but dey nt paying no where near the set amount for rent plus where im at now Im eligible for a 4 bedroom dare Im only eligible for 3 dats the craziest thing I ever heard do ne1 know why plus dey go by your income now if I moved dare I wuldn have a job r income its so difficult to move but Charlotte seems to pay enough on rent for a decent place on section 8 for a three bedroom Ga only wants to pay 734 per mth dats a low price but I culdn even find ne where for dat price so it looks like im gonna have ta remain where im at so unhappy!!!!!!!

  14. does anyone know how often states change from billing to absorbing? is it a once a year thing or is everything pretty messed up with the budgets and the shutdown

  15. I am a senior and presented two letters to my worker relating that I have a cold weather caused health problem. I wanted to move and picked out an area that wasn’t too expensive. They were not absorbing, but were accepting if my pha would pay. My housing authority was giving out vouchers at the time of my request, and my worker said they wouldn’t pay. Researching this topic, it seemed to me that they should have been willing to pay. From what the worker said, they had given out a lot of vouchers. Can you help me to understand their actions? They don’t seem willing to help me at all, even in giving info about places that might be absorbing, yet Hud says they want people to be free to move. I am ill from the weather and have told them, to no avail.

  16. Just to add to my above comment as there seems to be no way to edit my above post, the two letters were from two different MD’s.

    • When did this all happen? They haven’t been giving out vouchers for some time now.

  17. HA currently absorbing… Savannah, GA, TULSA,OK ,HOUSTON,TX, MIAMI,FL WINSTON,NC,Gloucester County ,NJ,WEST HARTFORD,CT. MORE TO COME

    • I called Houston tx and they told me that there billing how often does that change??

    • More 2 come? I really do hope this will all clear up but at least it sounds like certain areas on the east side are openin up, just waitn to here abt the counties inNYS to begin absorbing, plze! If anyone knows of absorbing in nys please do share this info, I am in desperate situation to leave and head bk east.

  18. I want to move from Hope Arkansas to Dallas but I was told that I had to find a housing choice voucher program that’s porting how do Iget sstarted what do I do first

  19. Hello I know that there are 2 counties in nj that are absorbing which is Essex Co and Gloucester Co. Do anyone know if there are more that open up since we came into a new year it should be more funding available now???

  20. Hi I am trying to port to California from Atlanta … has anyon
    e had to do this recently? Atlanta does not own my voucher Ohio does … I’m just trying to
    What up with all.these housing authority denying people moves… I thought we could move anywhere we wanted this is crazy can.someone who who know anything please contact me please

  21. I received my voucher 6 years ago and am looking into moving from Boise Idaho to Washington,Oregon or California. But with the budget cuts to the housing authoritys o think are making it difficult to port out. My question is how can I tell if I can port out without starting the porting process?

  22. As far as porting goes, make sure where ur going absorbs u, its not like u cant move, its the fact that their billing in many states, to my knowledge hopefully this will all clear up by 10/14 of this year so I was told by a housing worker in NY, am hoping b4 but jus got see what happens.

  23. Hi!! hope all is well with everyone!! I need to find out some information on Section 8 portability. I reside in NYC and i am currently a section 8 voucher holder. I’ve had it for about 3 years and would love to move out of NYC to NJ. Can anyone tell me how long a Portability transfer takes? i already submitted my transfer papers but if anyone deals with any type of HRA services in NYC you know they can never give you a straight answer. I was told it can take anywhere from 8weeks to 1/2 Years. .. PLEASE HELP !!!

    • Have u relocated i just put trsnsfer from nyc to nj did it really take 8wks??

  24. I want to transfer to another state BUT Lincoln Nebraska wont allow me to unless it is concerning Domestic Violence or a job else where. I feel its my choice to move and Nebraska is taking that away. What can I do where do I turn for help!!!

  25. Section 8 changed I been trying to port the last two yrs which every place I chose they say I couldnt move there cause they voucher is higher than dauphin county, pa.everybody is billing not absorbing billing is where you move but the city you port from is responsible fir your portion of the rent where absorbing is when you move the city where you mive to is fully responsible for your rent so it makes it hard to port now.

  26. Shorna so ny says it should stop billing by oct of this yr.so does tht mean all states will be absorbing again

  27. Rob u must make sure they voucher is the same amount or less cause with everbody building its hard porting nowadays.so contac the housing where you want to port and ask is they voucher the same rande as yours

  28. Hi I’ve have had my voucher for 18 years in Georgia… yes 18 years!!! Right now I’m very disappointed as I’m trying to move back home to NYC just recently found out I was denied from Ga Housing Authority and that they will be billing and can’t afford NYC standard. And also the standard amount has to be the same or less than Fulton County. It does not matter how much of rent you find in an apartment, housing etc, because the Housing Authority payment is what counts!!! This is the first time in my life as I truly do know that we can move any where. I’ve NEVER heard anything like this before between “BILLING” and “ABSORBING” and it really frustration me to understand what in the world going on??? I asked Housing Authority how can I change my Georgia voucher to NYC voucher?…. she says if NYC willing to “ABSORB” my voucher and take ownership. Isn’t that true? PLEASE HELP me understand clearly (there’s nothing better for me living in Georgia and want start fresh back home cuz GREAT BENEFITS can help building my life back and get myself back on track)

  29. @ Shorna… I hope is true and hopefully this will all clear up by 10/14 as you say by NY housing worker.

  30. I am trying to port out to a not so big town in Ga from Chicago.. I took my port out papers to my office so does anyone know what the next step is? Should I wait to hear something or should I be doing anything?

  31. I have a question i live in boise the payment standard is $730.00 i want to port out to las vegas nevada there payment standard is $1038.00 they are also billing what ever that means. Can anyone explain what could go wrong during my port or will nevada deny me.


  33. Has any one ported out from Boise HA which has a lower payment standard to Nevada HA which has a much higher payment standard when Nevada HA is billing? When a receiving state is billing I heard that the initial HA can stop making payments to the receiving HA at any time and make you come back to the initial state HA who is paying the bill, is this true? I was told by my HA representive in Boise To give a 45 day notice to vacate 1st then request to port then she would issue the voucher and send paper work to Nevada. Nevada would then issue a voucher. and I can begin looking for a house. Well I gave my 45 day notice and now she won’t send my paper work until the end of May 2014 and my lease expires on June 1, 2014. My HA rep says because she dont want my voucher to expire. I dont want to be left homeless I have a child and two dogs and no family to count on to stay with temperary if the transition is not timely. What should I do?

  34. Can someone please tell me WHAT absorbed and Billing means? I live in Washington, D.C. & I’m trying to port back to Baltimore city… Someone please HELP me…

  35. I ported from ohio to nj back in 2005 and at first ohio was billing and I was told that they couldnt port me anywhere so then a month later I was told they could so I moved idk what billing has to do with the housing authority that someone would port out of but I think for a while after my move ohio was paying my rent here well I want to move back idk if nj would pay considering the rent in ohio is much lower but idk I feel trapped in nj I dont like it here.

  36. so I just moved back from Oregon and my section 8 voucher is out of port Townsend Washington. because Oregon did not absorbed me PT still was who paid I moved back to Washington and ported to Belfair Washington and PT is still paying I have not been able to find a house and only have 5 weeks yet will they let me port again to Seattle cause I found one there?

  37. I Recently found out I have a 5 bdrm voucher, reside in NJ but want to port to Orlando or surrounding area. My voucher originated in NY. Can’t do so until Dec 1 are they absorbing? And will the cost be similiar? Thanks

  38. Im just receiving my voucher.. I been on the waiting list for 10 years I live in Mississippi my voucher was issued in the county I just moved from.. I been in this county and they are absorbing. Do I have to go back to the city my voucher was issued and live for a year or can I bring it back to where I live now. .

    Florida to Georgia and I’m trying to find out the time frame on how long it will take
    for the transfer

  40. I just put n my notice to port the beginni.g of the month my housinh specialist supposedly faxed some paper to ny right then yhst was about two weeks ago i called ny n they dont have me in the system yet.she didnt send my papers dovuments n stuff she said its some kinda paper she has to fax first.i have to be out of my apt oct 31 im hopin everything happen in timely manner.i was wondering if i will be able to continue working in georgia for atleast half of thefout months thst i am given to find a place does anyone know?

  41. I want to port out from Springfield, IL to Minneapolis, MN. Do the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority absorb out of state vouchers? I like to port to Minneapolis or Chicago, IL.

  42. In a few years section 8 vouchers will be the norm. Project based vouchers and public housing will be obsolete. When my sister in law ported her section 8 voucher from Flint, MI to Chicago, IL she was able to get a increase in on her voucher due to the differences in the cost of living index, with Chicago’s cost of living being higher than Flint’s. She qualified for a 3 bedroom. Section 8 is a wonderful program it gives the less privileged a chance to live like the privileged. I know when I got my voucher I was very grateful and blessed because I was able to find and rent decent, clean, safe and affordable housing to raise my family in. I had to move from Chicago, IL to Springfield, IL just to get my voucher because the Chicago Housing Authority don’t want to help nobody then I ported my section 8 voucher out to Minneapolis, MN. Its been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you God for this section 8 voucher. Now I’m able to rent me a two bedroom condo with a patio, washer, dryer and dishwasher. I’m going back to school and will be working soon.

  43. I have a section 8 voucher that is good in S.C. I want to move to Atlanta, Ga. My voucher is 550.00 in S.C. And the place that I want to move to in Atlanta is 800.00 per month. Will I be able to do portability to Atlanta? I have been decertified in S.C. Can I get out of that lease or will I have to wait? I am disabled and has had a triple by-pass heart operation. What should I do?

    • Hello crystal, from what I been informed absorbing is when you move to another state and they are taking new section 8 vouchers. That means they take over and they give you a new voucher with their limit standards. Billing is when you are moving to another state and they are not taking new vouchers. You can still move to that state, but your voucher will still belong to the state you moved out from. What would happen is the new housing authority will bill the housing authority from where you moved out of. That means the new housing authority will receive the checks from your original housing authority every month and they will send it to your landlord.

  44. hey I have a question I want to transfer my voucher from Alabama to California I know that I have to be in my state a year before I can do that which is fine. but how do I come about transferring?? I just want to get a head start on everything…. I wont be on a year until august 1 2015 what do I need to do? my voucher here is for a 3 bedroom roughly almost 1,300 how will that work transferring to cali? will the amount stay the same or will it change? I just want to know in advance what im dealing with if someone can please help me?

    • Charlotte, I urge you to call the California housing authority of which you wish to move to.
      In 2011, I transferred my voucher from Virginia to San Bernardino California and it was after I arrived that I met with my new caseworker who told me the housing authority required 90 day employment in order to accept my voucher. My portable voucher only gave me 30 days however, I was given one extension of 30 days.
      After 7 months of living in California, I moved to another state because I lost my voucher and could not find employment- not even a grocery job, even though I had clerical/accounting/management skills. Before you move, find out what they require and what their procedures are because not all housing authorities have the same rules.

    • I live in California with a 3 bedroom voucher only $800. So your voucher will probably drop.

    • Thank you do you know when is it a good time to request a transfer?

  45. Hello I have a question I just ported to Chicago from Puerto Rico my housing authority has sent my paper’s 3 different ways and my paper’s seem not to show up nor appear in none of the place they have been faxed, emailed and Mailed directly to a Mrs. Melissa Pagan AKA Montgomery but no one seems to know where my paper’s are and can’t get a hold of this person to verify that she has received my paper’s nor is my info been registered fax # give to me doesn’t seem to work what can I do so someone could return me a call to explain to me what has happened to my paper’s. I understand that I have 90 days till my paper’s are rejected by CHA Chicago . I do have my paper’s from PR housing can some one help me. please help thank you in advance my Tel# is 773-367-8091 and email [email protected] Address: 2326 N 73ct Elmwood park ILL 60707

  46. Can anybody tell me the payment standard for Fulton county ga and henry county ga with out utilities and with?? 3bedroom voucher. Which county is more safe?

  47. I’m looking to move from one county to another in New York State. I’ve been on Section 8 for well over a year, but I’d like to move. How would that work? I know my current voucher is supposed to be able to be used within the the city. But I would like to move to another city, which is in another county. Where do I start, who do I need to contact?

  48. my pha portability list has not moved in 8 years they say they have nut received any funding. i have brought medical letters stating i must move to a warmer climate due to my lung condition was informed that this is not a medical necessity. is there any help for me. i do not want to continue to suffer the way iam tyvm HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  49. Can any one help me with this one all Broward County housing authority
    Given a 2 bedroom for 1 adult head of house hold with two young adults boy and girl ages 22 & 17 states they are saying that both can share a room what are they trying to do this is to not encourage you to enter into their county who wants to put there daughter that’s
    17 in a room with in their brother 22 if they were the around the same age or the same gender it wouldn’t be a problem it’s just that I do not thank its right just because we have housing that doesn’t mean to take our morals and dignity they say heartbeats a heartbeat even zoos and sciences separate males from the females until they want them to produce offspring’s in other words I would like to take my 3Bedroom with me from dade county to Broward county

    • Sorry to say this but their reasoning is by age 22 your son should be out on his own.

    • If your son is on your voucher then by code 24 CFR 891.760 over occupancy . A male and female can not share a room if over the age of 6. Study the codes inform yourself and then present the facts and now one can dispute.

    • Linda, the housing authority often issue SINGLE parents 2 bedrooms whether they have one or three children no matter their age. It is expected that the single parent shares their room with the same-sex child. Since you are the mother, you would share a room with your daughter. The son would get the 2nd bedroom. If you become involved in an intimate relationship and would want your partner to move in, he would have to be approved prior to moving in then the housing authority would issue you a 3-bedroom.
      Just because you are an adult or “head of household” does not mean you are entitled to your own private bedroom as you are receiving government assistance. You live by their guidelines. I wouldnt complain too much on how many bedroom you do or dont have, just be glad your receiving the help so many others are still waiting for.

  50. I’ve been on section8 since 2011 in Humboldt County CA. I want to move to southern California but can’t find a county that will accept Portability Section 8. They all require Humboldt County to pay for the Section 8 part of the rent. Is there an easier way to find a county that will accept, pay, portibility than going county by county? I’m 61, didsblef,single female. If there is any information or ideas please let me know at [email protected] Sherry

  51. If you look up every housing authority in California early in the morning and call every last one of them you wil find one that is absorbing or call his in Washington dc good luck

  52. I am a single person in a three bedroom, but the rent is a cheap as a one bedroom apartment. I am told I have to move. this does not make sense to me,

    • Rayon, based on what you said, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Each housing authority has their own set of rules but one thing they all have in common is their income guidelines. Each voucher allocates a bedroom size and an maximum rental amount according to your area. For example, if you were living in King County Washington with a 1-bedroom voucher, the maximum rent allowed would be $915. If you found a 3-bedroom for under $915, it would be allowed because your within your maximum voucher limit.
      If you are a single person (sharing) a 3-bedroom home, you would be required to move. You cannot rent-a-room or reside with other people as the housing authority would need to pre-approve your roomates/partner prior to move-in. You would need to sign a contract with only yourself alone living in the residence.

    • It’s against federal laws for one person to live in a two, three, etc bedroom apartment,period. If you were allowed multiple bedroom that means the manager broke federal laws. Probably because they needed to fill apts at that time and they cheated putting you in there.
      By law you belong in one bedroom. Plus rent goes by your income. So it should be same for one bedroom.

  53. I have a question about portability. Do they still make you wait one year after you aquire your voucher for the first time.

  54. Hello my question is I have lived in Fl fortmyers on section 8 for seven years. I want to move to SC. My amount for rent now is 811.00$ will this change? Do I have to get a place with two bedrooms even if the amount of rent is in the guideline? I’m so nervous not to sigh lease here again. And not find a place or get approved I guess in sc please help me..

    • Yes, the amount will change. You need to go through the proper channels to port but they should be able answer any and all questions you have. Read through the article again.

  55. Does anyone know for a new voucher recipient in Nebraska do you have to wait 12 months to port or can you port immediately ? I have been on the waiting list since october, i called the housing office and have been told yes by one person and that its a year by another ? Even if i ask around i am getting both answers. The website does not have an exact portability section like most other HUD websites……. where can I get clarity on this since the employees are giving conflicting info……. ?

  56. I’m trying to move from Oklahoma City to Texas, I am trying to find out the steps to do so? My lease is not up until Oct. Just trying to get the details before its to late. Also I have a 4 bedroom voucher will Texas let me keep my 4 bedroom voucher and not reduce me to a 3?

  57. I am going to go to California from Arizona. I got section 8 here in Arizona. I need to take it with me to California. How do I do this? I am on some waiting lists and hope to go soon. I really want to be ready to go when they call.

  58. Ive been on section 8 for 2years now and the county I currently reside in they say I owe them some back pay. They currently have me on a payment arrangement but what my question is… Can I still port out to another county while on this arrangement or do they have to be paid in full first?

  59. I’m trying to port from Wisconsin to Illinois and Illinois is billing not absorbing this situation is confusing and irritating $1071 is Wisconsin amount $1300-$1800 is Illinois amount depending on the area. Can Wisconsin deny me from porting or refuse to pay because the amount is higher?? No one explained how this situation works ahead of time now that I’m ready to move I’m getting the run around HELP PLEASE

    • No, the payment amounts have nothing to do with you porting. The amounts are just different depending on the area.

    • Ashley, sounds like to me your in a pickle. The answer to your frightening question is “yes”. Housing Authorities try to control their state’s vouchers, how many they issued and how many or porting-in, therefore they have the option to ‘absorb’ or ‘bill’. States who choose to absorb vouchers are those who have lost vouchers and have the funding to support another voucher. Billing takes place when a housing authority has max’d its funding/voucher limits so the state who issued you voucher will be forced to pay.
      The chance of you losing your voucher after you move to Illinois is about 60/40 but this depends entirely on whether Wisconsin wants to keep the voucher or can afford to lose a voucher. A state never wants to lose a voucher because that is funding the agency loses and cannot get back. What is gone is gone. When a voucher-holder moves out of the (issuing) state where there is a higher rental rate, they often refuse to accept the billing terms. Its up to Wisconsin as to whether paying Illinois the extra $400 to $800 is worth more than losing one voucher AND if they have the extra funding to give. I’ve observed many lose their vouchers because their state would rather lose one voucher (and funding) than to pay-out more than what their voucher allotted them. If the overpayment was $100-$300 difference they would likely accept the billing terms but $400+ becomes questionable because they dont want to pay another state for a voucher they issued. If you moved to another city or county within the same state, they would accept the billing terms or just absorb it themselves. States try to keep their vouchers in their own state. For your sake, I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I am. If things go wrong, request an extension to port back to Wisconsin so you don’t risk losing your voucher. Good Luck!

  60. I am porting from Albany N.Y. to M.D. the nd housing authority has told me they can only give me 2 British voucher for myself, 2 grandkids boy & girl 1 great grandsons????? It’s breaking it’s own laws???

  61. I Apologize, I didn’t intentionally keep posting the same thing, I was on my cell phone and it kept stalling and I didn’t know it had gone through!!! SORRY…. question I have is my old county is Absorbing, does that mean that new county has to give me same number of bedrooms on my voucher??? thank you. lot of info and not fully understanding all of it..

  62. I ported from California to new york my transfer time is almost out if i can’t find a place can i go back to California and not lose my section 8 ?

    • Hello, I was wondering how did that work out for you I am currently thinking of porting from L.A to NYC?

    • Yeah they said only if I could get the landlord to break lease. How do you like LA? that’s where I want to move to . Still saving to

    • Hey how is LA? I’m porting from Chicago there but they said there downsizing bedrooms

  63. I am going to port but ,I need to stay with a relative till I find a place to live. What happens while I am in limbo? I can’t afford to take a trip from one state to another to look for a place ahead of time. Anyone know the answer? Thanks

  64. Would like to relocate to Richmond County housing authority I am in need of a one bedroom apartment, currently residing in new haven conneticut my lease is up July 31, 2015 please inform what steps I need to make this process happen asap. Thanks with your assistance in this matter. 2036661178

  65. Hello All,

    I’m wondering how do I begin to transfer my voucher from Iowa to California (my home state).

    I have been living in Iowa for 3 years and I’m ready to go home, but this is my first year on section 8. My lease will be up in October and i need to know where do I begin and how long the process takes to transfer.

    Please help!!!

    • Hi, I am porting to Vegas too!
      I was wondering about the difference in payments from Houston to Vegas, I called and spoke with someone and they answered a few questions. Try calling them.
      But what I can say is that they will take at least 30 days before completing your case, so therefore you would have to fend for yourself until then. Two bedrooms with utilities are $1038 there.

  66. Hi.. I’m moving to New Orleans from Gulfport, New Orleans are only doing billing.. My voucher now is only $660 for a 2 bedroom.. Will I have to find something $660 or will it possibly go up due to cost of living? Can my voucher size be upgraded.. My girls are 14,10 and 4? Please help

    • Voucher size won’t change but the amount will fluctuate based on the county you’re in.

  67. Hi I was wondering I want to move from mn to Vegas I have a two bedroom voucher my son is 12 years old will Vegas make me downgrade to a one bedroom sense I only have one child or how does it work when transferring vouchers

  68. I am finding that it seems easy to port a voucher, but when you are doing it in reality it is an entirely different matter..I am finding it difficult to get Ny to absorb the Fla voucher I have. It is so stressful and to make it more difficult, many of the PHA’s are total Section 8 housing Nazi’s..they talk down to you, they are rude more than not.
    It is not easy.

    • I am currently living in whatcom county WA and would like to port my BHA voucher to Seattle for school/work purposes. Is anyone familiar with porting to Seattle? Do I have to go through King county HA or can I go through Seattle HA? Can I port to both? Some of the apartments I’m looking at will only accept vouchers from SHA, not KCHA for whatever reason.

  69. I know that most places make you wait a year until you can use the portability option, but is there any circumstances in which they would let you use it asap???

  70. I have a question i moved to las Vegas back in March 2015 from California an its not what i thought they charge u for every bill in your house a deposit was trying to see if i would be able to brake my lease earlier then march 31,2016 plus the house i live my kids cant even go out an play its two big dogs that live on both sides of me

  71. For those who wish to port-in (portability) to New York City, it is important to know that the time frame that the state you are in defines how much time you are given to find a place. For example, in NYC they give voucher holders 120 days to find a place. Whereas, the state you are coming from will only give you 90 days. If you choose a 30 day or 90 day vacate, this will also severely affect the time you have to look for an apartment because which ever option you choose they will tell you that “you must stay in the unit until the end of the month because they paid up to that date.” Once you sign the vacate and voucher to port out the clock is begins to tick.

    Then, you’ll have to wait for NYC to call you for an appointment…etc

    Now, when you go to NYC for your briefing, they let you know that it is hard to find an apartment, let alone landlords that will be willing to rent to you. Also, be mindful that extensions are not granted as freely as in the past and you stand a chance at losing your voucher. It is a risky gamble to port into NYC, you are probably better off trying to get in while they are absorbing.

    With that said, if you are willing and able to treat your search for an apartment like a full-time job, you may stand a chance. If you are not willing to do so, I would advise you not to take that chance. These are hard times and even harder ones for people with low income. I was told that you need a realtor to find an apartment but if you do your research, know what is required and walk with a builders tape, you can do it. Always be prepared with your documents when you have an appointment to see an apartment. Dress as if you are interviewing for your dream job, emphasize your strengths as a tenant in previous apartments. For example, I always paid my rent on time, I have never been evicted and always received my security deposit back…. Also, make sure you have copies of your old leases as well. If you do find an apartment willing to rent, know that you are fortunate, be sure to have your security deposit ready to go.

    It is hard to find apartments in Queens, and Brooklyn, you may find one in Staten Island but you stand a better chance finding one in the Bronx. Don’t be too picky because before you know it you’ll have a week left and then no time left. Good luck.

  72. I lived in my home town all my life,an I applied for section 8 , 4 years ago now that my name is at the top of the list I live in another town can I port to my me town with out having to stay in my home town 12 months bc I already work and go to school in the new town. Which by the way are different counties. Is there some kind of rule or something they can brake to allow me to port out my voucher bc if not I’ll have to quit working and going to school just to move back home. Back home there’s no jobs hardly an not any schools for miles what can I do to make them see that it’s better for my future if I port out.

  73. Hi,, I’m moving. To new Orleans from Gulfport! New Orleans is only billing.. Can they downsize my voucher because Gulfport just upgrade me to a 3??

  74. Will I know what the New RENT will be before I move. I have to know before I move or I’ll be homeless.
    I’m having an impossible time raising money to move. Any ideas.

    • You can apply for welfare help, they have a application you can fill out especially for security deposits and other housing problems

    • As far as your impossible time raising money… Now the initial question, I’m not sure.

  75. I wanted to port my voucher to another city but got new position at the job I’m working at an want to stay in the city I’m in now is it possible for me to stay or will I have to continue with my porting

  76. I will like to know I moved my section 8 to monroe country p.a do that mean I have to stay in that country or can I move it to different party

  77. I’m moving to North Carolina can some one tell me if Gaston county is absorbing if not then of any very close by county at less 30mins close that is absorbing thanks

  78. Hi we are looking to move from NH to Florida currently if can rent a place up to $1500 and idea how it works for me to transfer and what’s the amount for a voucher in Florida for a 3 bedrooms.

    • I live in Bx, NY. Have a 2 bdrm. Been here for 39 years, since building opened up!! Was MitchellLama up until 2006. Worked up to.Retirement. 2003. Mostly ALL tenants got NYC Vouchers n 2006.
      I want to move to another New development/ in Bx or Harlem. I am one person, they will only allow *Studio.. I have 2 bdrm apt.Since 1989, I pay extra to keep it. Why do I have to downgrade so far. I would appreciate at least a 1 bedroom!! They will allow me to stay here in this 2 bedroom, / .. I was told if I move to another state. I can get 2 bedrooms/ and not have to lose out. I am considering Va., or Florida definetly n 2016. Is this true? I want to get all I can. I have worked all my Life and now receive SS. Its been nice here. But the move n rules or Not the Same. The people too, along with the drug situation in the building, for the past 3 years.And 2 Pit Bulls on my floor. **All advise is helpful and thanks. DESPARATE!!

    • Carolyn
      I’m also a NH resident looking to port to the Atlanta area. I have a 3 bedroom voucher as well. I can tell you through my research our vouchers will definitely go down because of the lower cost of living

  79. I want to relocate to Cali from Chicago the thing is my new lease has started already but I been here for three years is it still possible for me to port after I signed my new lease?! Please help emergency

  80. i want to port out my section 8 voucher to another city because of medical condition and there is no sAfe place in Vallejo that section 8 can my doctor write me a letter

    • Why would your location affect your medical condition? Unless there is a very valid reason, a doctor’s letter won’t help much.

  81. If you needed to transfer to a City/State that is not absorbing but billing and your housing /section 8 don’t want to be billed for where you need to go. Can it be another way? If your in a bad situation and you need to go there where family is. What can you do about it?

  82. Hello everyone. I have a question, I have section 8 and I live in jersey city I want to move to south Carolina how do I go about this? Also my voucher is $1100 in jersey if I move to south Carolina will it still be the same amount?





  84. If you got a position of a control substance case while on Sec. 8 and you want to port, will you lost your voucher in the prepossessing when they do the background check

  85. Rainleegen seems to have a “you people are lazy” disposition. They seem to have a “shut up and take what is given you, because you are not “entitled” ” republican positioning their posts. Here is the thing…We are living in a country where the Very very very very rich corporations are asking themselves, “How can we pay the very least possible, with the fewest hours so as to not pay healthcare to full timers…cheapen what we are paying the chinese to make our product, and get that worker to do the previous work done by two because I dont want to hire”. Couple that with “I feel I dont want to hire people of certain races, ages, or with criminal backgrounds regardless of when it was done, because I got some kinda hang up”…and we have a country that never wants to hire, not worried about selling more product, but interested in making cheaper products and steal all the profits, with total disregard into placing money into the workers, yet willing to spend a cool million on a single superbowl commercial.
    You cant complain about people’s use of varies services when you are not pushing to either make it EXTREMELY easy to start businesses, or you are not assuring Employment discrimination is EXTREMELY HARD to perpetrate. Right now, its EXTREMELY HARD to prove Discrimination with the EEOC because they openly state that they cant take every case due to budgets, And lawyers will never take the cases even if you have proof, because they know the corporations have money to run up a bill that YOU wont be able to counter with to pay YOUR lawyer. So you better have a class action where they can get a lot of money and you get nothing.

    NO ONE HERE would pick sec 8 over having a well paying place of employment. NO ONE likes working for low pay. But there are actually assistance programs that demand that you are NOT in college!

    So ….stop talking like people are acting like “entitlement kings”, unless YOUR JOB is willing to hire that person EQUALLY, regardless of age, color, or sex, AND are offering a pay that can actually pay a rent. But if youre talking crazy to all these people, yet when you look around at your place of employment and see your Job that required NO college education, has predominately a white population, yet youre in a location that has minorities all over the place? YOU have no room to say a singe negative word to ANYONE on ANY assistance program, because youre part of the problem.

    • Wow. Not sure if you realize but I am the owner of this site. How exactly do I have a “you people are lazy” mentality? I created this site to allow for free flowing information to help those interested in section 8 housing.

      What have YOU done? Exactly.

    • I had emergency portability from PR to Rochester NY the set it up the same day…came to rochester april 9th and april 14 had my house…how cool is that

    • I have a medical illness and I see a specialist. I just received a voucher in another state. Could I could request an emergency transfer before moving to the other state? Were you successful at your emergency transfer request? What did you have to do?

  86. I live in Phoenix I’m with section 8 and I’m wanting to transfer to Apache Junction for Pinal County so I can be closer to help my parents however I can’t afford to go any deeper than Apache Junction into Pinal County without having to change over my access my medical providers and everything else since it would be out of Maricopa County. What I’d like to know is what happens if i cant find a place in the area i want and ive allready put in my notice to move out and already started the portabillity packet? I have a little over 2mo before my lease is up where i live now, so should i FIRST find a place before going any further and can Apartment Finders help me with this?

  87. I’m transferring to a different county I had a transfer briefing today in my current county how long does it usually take to get a voucher from the new county I have to be out of my unit 31st of this month

  88. I really need to know would the housing authority let me use the portability option as soon as they approve me for a voucher because the city is very far away from everything i do and Ive been taking care an older lady for the pass 5 yrs and I don’t wanna just move 2 hrs away for a year. What reasoning would be good enough for them to let you port without staying in their jurisdiction for a year?

    • None. You need to wait a minimum of one year. No exceptions that I know of.

    • Well that’s not true because they told me one year, so since you were wrong about that, then maybe I do have some other options as far as porting sooner…

    • HUD has changed it’s rules (this year I believe) you no longer have to wait a year to move IF you already have a residing address in the state that you signed up for assistance in. So you should be fine to move as soon as you get your voucher especially if you are only looking to move to a different city, not state.

    • Kay.. Have you had any information on porting sooner??? As I am looking to port sooner too. Please let me know

    • I emailed the Public housing authority directors association and a rep emailed me back saying that if a housing authority require the one year stay in their jurisdiction, they can take into consideration your situation and make a choice to let you use the portability early to their discretion… Its not mandatory. The portability process is sort of a headache asvfar as the paperwork, the wait, cost etc, so they try not to go through with it.

    • I had my intake today & received my voucher. The rules did change. You Have be a resident of the county your currently in for 1 year before they will let you port. I.e I moved to Dallas Texas in Jan 2014. I received my voucher today December 10 2015. My voucher will expire in 90 days. Soo I qualify to port in 1 month. I want to move it to Houston its closer to my mom. I asked if I can move my mom in to help with the kids. The Lady said “as long as the person you move in can pass a criminal background check” she said mom, dad, husband, lover, ext. Your rent amount will be diffrent because they will add in their income. Hope this helps

  89. Im from Texas and I inquired about a apartment that’s in Burleson Tx, I’m able to use my voucher in Burleson but the apartment landlord stated that I would have to port my voucher to Tarrant county. The thing is I was told my search packet is for Johnson county. This is my first time with housing assistance and I’m a little confused because the housing authority also said i had to reside in there area for aleast a yr before moving counties or is it those particular apartments and that there so close to Tarrant county thats the jurisdiction that it falls under…….. HELP!!!!!


  90. I want to move I only been on section 8 a year they said I can not port back to Texas can I what can I do not to loose my section 8 voucher

  91. i live in va and im trying to port sec 8 to nc but can not port to greensboro do anybody know of any cities in nc that will allow me to transfer va section 8

  92. I’m porting from Los Angeles city for a job in Ontario. Do anyone know the quickest way to find a place. I’m not familiar with San Bernardino at all. I’d like to live in Ontario, Fontana or rancho cucamongo.

  93. I’m in (Shelbyville Illinois) I have worked the last 8yrs straight.. I was approved for public housing 4/17/2015 and was told to pick up my section 8 voucher Aug 5 of this year 2015. Since then I been renting an section 8 apartment.. With no job only income is unemployment.. My question is can I port my vochur back to Chicago sooner? I have no help , no real income at all and my main focus is supporting my son.

    • You need to go a talk to your housing worker about your concerns and issues and maybe she/he will take it into consideration and let you move back to Chicago.

  94. Question: I want to move from Ga to MD…is it possible for me to do that since the payment standard here is much lower? I’ve had section 8 here in Ga for 8yrs..andbi originally ported out of NJ. I want to move back closer to my family but not actually move IN to nj…

    • Crystal
      You can move your voucher to Maryland as long as the city you are looking to move in will allow you to port in. As far as the payment standards it will increase according the payment standards for the Maryland.

  95. I got on section 8 last Dec my son is on disability he’s 29 now. They said we was only eligible for one bedroom in Mahalia Co Iowa. I talked to Marion Co we could get 2 be so we ported there. We need to move because landlord was over charging us we had 2 wks to look for another place had no money and cldnt find a place tht didn’t want 25 for applications fees. End up on the day we was to be vacated fond apt ended up being a bug drug place people running in and out all night section 8 says we can’t port back out till Jan 17

    • First you are mother and son it is illegal to say you must have a one bedroom. You can’t be in the same room or one sleep in the living room.
      Second the landlord can’t over charge you if you are on Section 8. Section 8 determines if rent is too high or he wants to raise it too high. Higher than market value. Landlord can’t do that. You can’t pay extra rent above what Section 8 says is your share. If they catch you paying him more than what is on your lease with Sec. 8 you will lose Sec 8 all together. If landlord says you must pay him more directly let section 8 know. He will be in trouble and you won’t lose you Section 8 forever. Landlord can’t raise rent without notifying Section 8 first. They must give 30 or more notice to section 8 than they notify you. Section 8 is suppose to ok any move and inspect any new apt. before you get an ok from them to move in. Something sounds fishy in you situation. Sorry. Just fight for yourself and don’t let landlords bully you. Ask section 8 about anything a landlord says before doing anything. you shouldn’t move without section 8 ok even in the same town or same apartment complex.
      good luck

  96. Im looking for a one bedroom clean home or apt in colorado springs area. Or at least close to the springs and i have a 5.6lb poodle very good dog 4years old. Iam a clean freak dont have any negative rental reviews. Im from boston,very good tenant.
    978 908 9177

  97. I am from kankakee Il, and I want to move to Minnesota I have had section 8 for about 4 years now, I was told the voucher size for Minnesota has changed and any one can port in with there section 8 I wanted to know how true this was. I am trying to move in May of 2016 if i could get some help with this it would be great.

    • It’s true. 100℅ I believe all states are doing it. I actually called minsota and was told they are porting. Call them and find out. If you want to be sure

  98. Anyone knows how long it takes to port to Los Angeles County? Plz am porting from WV
    Merry Christmas

  99. I just received my voucher in October and I’m not able to find anything in that county so is it possible I can take it to my hometown and use there even though I did not receive it there

    • I just received my voucher in October and I’m not able to find anything in that county so is it possible I can take it to my hometown and use there even though I did not receive it there it only been 2 months and I still having problems finding something….. Smh

  100. Hello I have a question I am wanting to port my voucher from SC to MD and I am really stressing because I don’t know how long the process will be….. anybody know how long the process normally takes

  101. I’m currently trying to port my section 8 to Orlando, Florida from Minnesota. Does anyone know how long the port process will take? Also I have three boys(ages)12,7,4 and two girls(ages)10,2…does anyone know how much my voucher amount will be for a family of 6???

  102. I’m from chicago, if i port to maricopa county AZ (Or anywhere for that matter) , and i move there and rent a place that isn’t section 8 (but welcomes vouchers) , (while i’m waiting for the paperwork to go through,) and then it goes through and then i can just use the voucher rather than paying so much of my ssi towards rent, my question is will the fact that i rented out of pocket and didn’t wait for Section 8, automatically remove me from the section 8 program? do i have to literally wait for the entire section 8 process to happen before i go anywhere, port out, etc… ?

    • No dont do that you could easily lose your sect 8 based on a lot of factors you voucher may not cover that specific location, may not pass inspection, may not be under the sect 8 program etc. Just be patient it only takes about 2 weeks for them. My voucher was ported to them yesterday and i will be interviewing to pick up my voucher in about 1 to 2 weeks

  103. I’m currently trying to port my section 8 to Orlando, Florida from Minnesota. Does anyone know how long the port process will take? Also I have three boys(ages)12,7,4 and two girls(ages)10,2…does anyone know how much my voucher amount will be for a family of 6???

  104. We’re trying to port out of Leesburg Florida we came here from nh and it’s horrible we got the ok to port out we have only been here 3 months and good family spots in north Carolina that won’t take every thing we have like Florida did how is it there and the help thank you family of 6 and service dog looking for a house

  105. I’m looking to move to broward county does anyone know how long it will take I have sec8 I put my papers in to port in

    • My understanding is that your current, as well as the County that you would move to require a minimum of 30 days notice.
      Your current County Housing Choice Voucher contact person will be able to answer your questions more specifically.
      Wishing you well with your move!

  106. Hello!
    I am a single 55yr old Lady
    My Housing Choice Voucher is portable.
    I live in Mn, but would like to move to a ‘Disabled Friendly’
    County, possibly in southern area of Colorado.
    I have difficulties with memory and organizing.
    I would appreciate any advice regarding ; Assistance/Advocacy getting the process started, and Counties that would accept the HCV, as well as Affordable Housing.
    my only income is Soc Sec Disability.
    good day to you!


  107. Does anyone know if your current housing authority have to let u move to a new housing authority if they aren’t absorbing but they r billing?

    • Yes. your current housing authority has to let you know if they accept billing from the new housing authority.


  108. I have a section 8 voucher in Putman co in Tennessee where can I apply for a voulchet transfer from Monterey Tn to cookeville Tn can it. Be done on line have found an aptartment that will be open last of march

  109. I’m about to receive my housing vouchers for st.james missouri. I moved here from Indiana & have been living with new found bio family that I wish I wouldn’t have met. I don’t want to stay in missouri at all but I am grateful that I’m getting housing here bc the list was closed in Indiana. I hear I have to stay a year at the initial place I receive my voucher before I will be able to port to Indiana. Does anyone know if this is true. Do u have to reside one year before you can relocate? Thank you so much

  110. I’m porting from Columbus Ohio to Las Vegas I’m jus waiting on my appointment now with my worker.. How long will it take for them to send my foul over and for me to pick up my voucher from their (Vegas)

    • Hello
      I also am porting into Las Vegas. my briefing appt. is May 2nd. I was told the process is about 2weeks and they are absorbing.

  111. I need help with how the process would go from moving my section 8 voucher from Los Angeles to New York. I don’t have the funds to take a plane back n forth just sign papers etc is is possible to do this without having to go to new york til I have a place ready n keys waiting?

    • Go by Amtrak or the Greyhound if it would be cheaper because you have to physically go.

    • No there is way around the trip for the interview. I have the same problem. I want to Port from Northern California to Southern California. Between the trip for the interview. All it takes including hotel, etc. Then cost of moving, cleaning this apartment, costs of moving truck, gas, etc. Plus staying, eatinig, getting around in SoCal while apartment hunting, all the deposits, first and last rent plus, misc. I figured it would cost me alone $5-6,ooo just to move from Northern California to Southern California. I DON’T SEE HOW THEY EXPECT THEIR CLIENTS WHO QUALIFY FOR SECTION 8 DUE TO LOW INCOME CAN AFFORD ALL THIS SO WE CAN IMPROVE ARE LIVES. MAYBE THEY JUST DON’T CARE. BUT not being able to use Skype while in our current Section 8 office with our current Section 8 counselor doesn’t make any sense. I’ve lived in Sec8 since 2011 and my health is gotten worse due to other tenants smoking against the rules. But I can’t afford to move to another apartment let alone to Southern California like I need to. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS?

  112. Doing recertification told worker I want to port to another state what is the process how long does it take

    • You need to ask the person you did the re-certification with. They will know and you will be sure it is all correct and legal.

    • When you port anywhere you’re transferring your voucher to the city or county you’re moving to. So your new voucher will be issued from that city or county which means you follow their procedures. So call the city that you are thinking of moving to to find out what their payment standards are for the size of your voucher and if your bedroom size will stay the same. New state new rules.

  113. I’m wanting to move to San Diego from oregon but can’t aford to go back and forth so when should I start my transfer

    • Ask your caseworker but generally you have to start the process at least two months before your lease is up.

    • WHEN YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO MOVE which means this: go to the interview they require you to have in person in the new city then go back home. Once your approved by new city and released by your current city. When you have the money to pay for cleaning current apt., pay all bills you owe at current city, all costs to get to the new city, money to live on (hotel, food,gas, etc) till you find an apartment, ALL deposits for new apartment. SECTION 8 DOESN’T HELP WITH ANYTHING until second month. You need that kind of money before you put things into motion. WHEN YOU HAVE IT ALL then you have to go to the Section 8 office where you live and they will set things in motion. You shouldn’t do anything without going trough your office. Otherwise your wasting your time. Don’t know what Section 8 would do if you tried to do it on your own. Not anything good that’s for sure.

  114. I just got accepted for section 8 in January from Shrwesbury, Ana housing authority. I finally found an apartment in Chicopee Ma, did all the paper work and my new landlord faxed my shrewsbury worker everything. So then she tells me to call Chicopee housing and ask them if they are absorbing or hosting and they had said they are billing. What does that mean and what’s going to happen now

    • When the new housing authority that you are trying to port into is in billing, it means that their program is so full that they have no vouchers to issue you. So you have to ask your current housing authority if they are accepting billing. If they do accept billing, it means that your current housing authority is going to let you take their voucher and use it in the new city. They have to keep making the payments on your rent even though you’re no longer living in their jurisdiction. So first you have to find out if your current HA accepts billing. If so let them know you plan to move and they’ll file your paperwork with the new HA. You’ll have to go to the new HA for your briefing to get your voucher and basically start that process over again.

  115. Hello:

    I am currently a voucher holder in Chicago, IL, and I want to port my voucher over to Arizona. I would like to find a place in Goodyear or Surprise, Az. I have a family of nine. Does anyone know how long is the process? Is Arizona fast?

    • Well. I spoke to the housing authority in maricopa county and they are only doing billing

  116. I currently live in Florida. I have a job. I will be receiving my sec 8 voucher I have been on the wait list for 6 years in Illinois. I am flying up there next week to get it. Someone did tell me they may be able to make a exception and let me port my section 8 voucher to Florida at the beginning(without having to stay a year in Illinois) Is this possibly true?

    • There are only 2 main exceptions hud makes for not having you stay in the area that is issuing your voucher for a year. (1) You lived in the whatever city is issuing you the voucher while you were on the waiting list. (2) You have health problems or even family obligations that requires you to stay in your city. You would need a letter stating so by a doctor or other professional.

  117. My annual reexamination was done and my income has not changed also my family composition is the same as last year. However, my rent portion was changed from $55 monthly to $535. How is this possible when everything is exactly the same as it was last year.

  118. I currently have sect 8. In another state What if You have a felony in Illinois and want to port back there will I be able too?

  119. I too was wondering the same thing. I moved in my section 8 apartment in September 2015… I was told I have to stay in the town I’m in now (Shelbyville Illinois) for a year, before I can’t port back to Chicago Illinois. It is now MAY 2016 I have a felony conviction. just was wondering if anyone knows will I still be able to continue my section 8 voucher with this conviction on my background and also when do I need to start the process of Porting my voucher to another city my 1 year will be up in 3 months come this year September 1,2016


  121. I am on waiting list for section 8 in Bloomington Indiana and wanted to know once I get a voucher can I use it in another county such as Columbus Indiana how does that work? Or do I have to use it in the same county I’m in for a year before I can move?

  122. How can I find out how much my voucher will if I’m transferring to another state .or do it stay the same , it’s hard looking for a house and you don’t no how much you have .. I have 1,950 but I not it’s gonna be lower in Georgia ..

  123. How can you find out how much your voucher will be if you transferring to another state , so you can search for the rite house ..in you budget ??

  124. I am posting from Ohio to north Carolina. I am going because I’m in desperate need of change, but 6 years ago I had a problem with a relative which landed me with a background. With me now having a background will they deny me porting into a new state. My goal is to get back on track and off this program. I’m afraid but would appreciate any advice.

  125. I live in Alton Missouri I have health problems I need to get out of the humidity I am trying to move to Reno Nevada and I’ve had nothing but problems they will not tell me what my voucher will be there I don’t want to put me and my daughter and this situation will become homeless because I cannot afford to rent what should I do also my daughter is my living help although they are not willing to give us a two bedroom because she went to Job Corps and finished and then came back home but I told them she was gone but they did not take her off of my voucher so they consider her still one of the family members what can I do we need 2 bedrooms because of my medical needs and because should be going to school online and I cannot handle the noise the typing on the computer what should I do

  126. I live in Tucson Az. and wonder why it is that it takes forever to receiver the voucher for transfer from one apt to another. In fact I would like to find out the why it is that when I put in a 60 day notice to landlord and give all appropriate info to case worker I get info that my voucher expires 30 days after my lease ends. Is there anything for the reason? I am also going to port to another county in this state so is there a better way to get things accomplished.

  127. Is there a gap in between from when you have to move out of your current place and into the new place? My current housing authority said I should start the porting process only one month before my lease is up.. it don’t seam like enough time

  128. if i get a section 8 voucher for the city and need to transferr it in the same state to estes park co from boulder co can i do this . they told me it has to stay in the city . by law the federal gov hud transferrs any wheres . this world is getting more corrupt on lies . i have been approved to estes where i came from the flood .if i get the voucher need to go back there . and im handicaped and they do lotterys and there is no housing here. hate it here . need to go where i can manage . please give the the laws on this . they said you need to stay one yr in the city here but the federal housing hud is you can t add your to the federal program . please give me informaation on this so i can go to where i came from one hour away difference . co state

  129. Hi I live in the New York area does anyone know about how long the process will take to transfer my section 8 out of NY to a next state? The rep said there is no time frame she can give me..

    • From the responses i read on here it can be a week or a month and very possible that you may lose your voucher if you dont time things perfect. I don’t know where to start i want to port to California from Pa and im scared and clueless

  130. Hi can someone please tell me will the new county section 8 pay my full rent with no income like I have a Job in my current county with my section 8 but obviously I want when I port will that be a problem

  131. Im currently in pittsburgh pa and want to port to California. Anyone suggest a safe and nice area with good schools? And where do i look for places that accept section 8 in CA?

    • Yuba city CA is a nice place, Stockton CA, Sonoma county CA those are nice place in northern CA if you want southern CA then I can’t help you if you like snow go towards Redding CA, it’s close by Oregon hope that helps

  132. I sent out 2 letters one to my landlord and one too section 8 letting then know that I wish to move out of state . how hard is it to find a place once your in a new state .

  133. I have a question, im in hawaii on the island of oahu and about to get my voucher but its on the big island. How do I go about transferring to oahu so I dont have to move to a different island? Or do I have to stay on the big island for a year before I can transfer?

  134. Hello. I wanna port from New Jersey to connecticut… I have a 2 bedroom voucher for me and my son. How long will it take and is it easy to find apartments in Danbury?

  135. I live in Brooklyn ny trying to port to albany ny trying to be closer to family. I also want to get out of this concrete jungle. I want to give my kids a better life .How is also albany ny??

  136. I’m looking to relocate from californis to hillsboro or portland, Oregon is it a hard process I have had my voucher for 8yrs. How long will it take. What are the pros and cons I should been prepared for

  137. I am holding a transfer voucher and I am looking to port from NYC to Florence SC. I work as a chef yet I have no job lined up in SC. Would it be hard to find work there and does anyone know if SC has vouchers?

  138. i ported from connecticut to florida< big mistake, im not able to get healthcare, i have very low income and i have to see dr regularly not to mention pay for my visits scripts as well as follow ups and rent and utilites, i just found out the portion im responsible for and i cannot afford or survive other those conditions, ive only been here at my apartment one month and i have decided that i have to go back to ct, can i port back without losing my section 8? please help me

  139. Question has anyone been denied. Once they background came back ineligible? I was denied housing in chicago I had my briefing for housing on August 30th 2016 it was denied today September 9th 2016 will I be able to port back to the My original Housing Authority??

  140. If you are new to the program can you port to another city in the same state within your first year of being on section 8.

  141. Hi I’ve already vacated my prior unit and I’m now homeless waiting on an apartment I was suppose to move into to be ready. The owner keeps stringing me along about repairs needed for inspection almost 30 days now. Can I ask for an emergency port near my family in the same state of Florida but a different county because me and my kids are now homeless so I can temporarily stay with family til I find a place there even though I’m out of the 60 day notice to port rule?

    • Have you given the owner your moving papers? how long into the process are you?

  142. I vacated my prior apartment already and was promised by the realtor that my unit i am supose to be renting would be ready for initial inspection September 1st. I have already given the realtor a deposit and my pink packet. It is already the 29th and the realtor is still saying they are waiting on cabinets and wood floors. Meanwhile me and my 4 kids are homeless.

    • You can let your housing authority know what happened and request new emergency moving papers because the other landlord didn’t come through. That would probably be the quickest way. Emergency moving papers let the landlord know that you are qualified and can move in as soon as it passes inspection plus your inspection should be moved up so you can move in quicker. If you have more questions, email me under the contact link. Thanks

  143. I wanted to know how do you go about finding out rules and regulations of the new housing authority before you port? I have ported three times but always within Minnesota. All of the housing authorities have own rules. I want to port out to Pennsylvania or Florida. However I do not want to get stuck if it does not work out

    • What specifically do you want to know? what have been the questions you’ve had to deal with when moving within Minnesota that may be a problem elsewhere?

  144. I want to port to Stockton CA my home from Omaha NE. I’ve lived here 3 years. I will be downsizing from a three bedroom voucher to a two bedroom voucher. (Two of my adult children will not be coming). I have reasonable accommodation s for my youngest. Will San Joaquin County absorb my port? Also any advice on the ” in between houses” phase? Such as my port gets accepted. I have to go to CA for a briefing to pick up my voucher and find a place to live plus wait to pass inspection before moving in. Where do I stay? A hotel?

  145. hello everyone. I’m a single mom of four and have worked for the same the company for over 2 years. recently my job asked me if I would be willing to transfer to Colorado from Georgia. it definitely far but I feel like it will be a great move in the long run for me and my children. I currently have a section8 4 bedroom voucher and assuming I would keep it , how long will this process take? has anyone in here every moved between these states before? how early should I put in to port if I choose to accept the position? any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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