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Pensacola, Florida Accepting New Section 8 Applicants

The City of Pensacola, Florida is taking 2000 applications for the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program Waiting List.


You have to apply over the phone. They will be taken 25 applications on every 2nd Wednesday of each month. The number to call is (850-858-0340) beginning at 7 am.

Elderly (AGE 62 OR OLDER) and Disabled (must provide documentation of his/her disability) applicants have to call on the 2nd Thursday of the month to (850) 858-0350, beginning at 7 am.

Be advised, only ONE application per call will be accepted. Once applicant’s information has been taken, a preliminary application to complete will be mailed for determining eligibility for placement on the Section 8 Waiting List.


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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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    • We cannot call you but if you provide us with the city AND state you reside we might be able to help getting in the Section 8 program (depending on the status of their waiting list).

    • Who doesn’t! ;). The 1st step would be to find out if Section 8 offices at your location are taking applications. If so, review the requirements and if you qualify, gather all the requested documentation, apply and wait!

  1. do I have to apply to my local county… I may want to live in another state, may I submit an application to Florida if I am in California…

  2. I would like to move to another state to apply for section 8. my area say they have a 5 year waiting list. After the 5 year waiting list of our Metro Housing. The live is not safe theres alot of mold and spiders that are in the house. I’ve been bitten many times by recluses and my kids and I have asthma. My 2 year old opens the door with ease to find we leave behind an interstate. Without jobs here well never have a safe place to live. Please help me to the right resources to relocate to another state.

    • There is a ton of information on this site in regards to relocating. The main question I have for you is…are you already on section 8? If so, the waiting list you wrote of is likely only for new applicants, not for transfers.

  3. Glad Your site is here, because I have not gotten approved for section 8, but I am willing to move to another state so I should be glad and put out the applications and see which ever one I get first and then I won’t have to worry about the transfer. Do you have any suggestions for me? Ty again for your time, thee are life changing facts.

  4. My question is: As a homeless Vet in FL, (I don’t mind, where in FL I go.), is one locality for section 8 moving fast, compared to other localities? Just tired of living at Wally World.

    • As a general rule (although doesn’t always apply), the less densely populated counties have lower waitlist times.

    • Please elaborate on what you mean…is the question can you transfer from one state to another once you are approved?

  5. would you please send me the property manager name and telephone at Westwood Apartments.


  6. Hello I’m a mother of four n I wants to be added to the section 8 waiting list if it’s possible u can reach me at 8504538349 or2085461 or5128460

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