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Oakland california section 8 wait list set to open

Oakland Housing Authority is opening it’s wait list and is expecting a huge response. It’s estimated as many as 100,000 people will apply just for the wait list, so of course I want to be the first to break this news to those seeking section 8 housing assistance.


Here’s the Facts:

– About 10,000 people will make it on the wait list.
– More than 11,000 Oakland families currently receive Section 8 subsidies
– A family of three, for example, whose annual income does not exceed $40,650 could qualify, they would be responsible for paying 30 percent of their monthly income for rent and the voucher would make up the rest.
– Section 8 Housing application will only be accepted online at www.oakha.org beginning at 8 a.m. Jan 25.
– Deadline to apply for Section 8 in Oakland California is 5 p.m. Jan 29, 2011
– Eligible applicants will be selected using an automated lottery system.
– Priority will be ranked based onĀ  military status, age, or disability. The more criteria the person meets, the higher he or she is ranked.
– Information holine 510-874-1500
– Read my California Tips, Tricks and Insider contacts page to learn how to use this information to your advantage

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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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  1. My name is Willie Beatrice Toombs I’m 62 years old grandmother,and disabled.I currently live with my daughter whom is also my care provider.Her husband and my two small grandbabies 7 and 3.my 7 year old is also disabled bless her little heart. Anyhow i have been tryin to have my daugter apply and i cant seem to get through. Is there another site. or somethin other else we can do .my son in law # is 510-575-7302 his name is john my daughterr is lalita.Thankyou so much for your response.god bless-P.s my family and i are seeking affordable housing-desperately.We recieve $1358 per month.

  2. I need help, I know a lot of people do. My mother want me and my kids to move out. I cannot afford to move out. I am living with my my kids in my mother dinning room. My sons are sad. I know a lot of people are homeless and are at need, but I just do not want my
    mother to to be unhappy are my kids anymore. Are wait until she tell me to live and be out on the street. She is a good mother, but
    I want to be a better mother.

  3. Myself and my kids live with my mother. She is a wonderful mother
    but she is tired. We are sleeping in her dinning room and my kids
    are getting older and angry, because of there living situation. My children love and appreciate there grandmother. I have and am looking for work on a daily basis. However due to the economy I am currently still unemployed. I do receive AFDC, which I really do appreciate, but I am unable to move out on this assistant. Thankyou so much for even reading my comment.

  4. Im a single a mom looking for a two bedroom in Oakland Ca please help me thank you call me 408-449-8612 if someone now anything i’m willing to pay 1100 thank you

  5. Hello,
    my name is michelle dang. i have just gave birth to a baby boy on july26 2014. i do not have any family. and do not have place of my own but i am staying with a friend for a time being. however, this friend is living with his parents and his family wants me to move out.

    i can not afford a place, i am receiving calfresh (food stamps), and i do have a car under my name but i couldn’t afford to pay for reregistration fee so my tags are long over due with no insurance.

    i do not know how to apply for housing or section 8. i am in need of help and guidance on how to do apply for my and my baby boy.

    please help. thank you.

    • Hello michelle sorry to hear about your situation I myself several years ago was in a similar situation. It is so hard to pull out of a situation like that and at times you feel hopeless and like there is no where to turn but there is a lot of help out there its just getting connected with the right people which can be hard . With a baby even more difficult . My advise would be to fill out housing applications online anywhere and everywhere continuously check online and your local newspaper to see if there is any open wait list for housimg . a lot of times there are certain apartment complexes that accept applications and open there wait list for a day or so many hours so its best to really stay focuced as much as possible with a new baby I realize can be a struggle .
      What ever you do don’t give up there will be help for you soon.They say closed mouths don’t get feed so stay determined good luck to you . The web site affortable housing lists all the open and opening soon wait lists and how to apply to them this can be very helpful. good luck to you and your baby boy..

  6. Hello I’m alaina wiggins and I have a disability and I want to know how can I get on section 8 I recently pay $1200 it’s had for everything to Pay that on a fix income can u please help me out thanks and my god bless you.

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