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Section 8 program: transfer from one city to another

Have Section 8 and looking to transfer?

Are you a Section 8 Program tenant planning to move to another city and avail the same Section Housing 8 facilities that you have in your present city? You better move fast because the entire process may take more than a month and you may find yourself without a roof over your head in case you don’t take timely action.



The Process – Porting

The process of the transfer of your Section 8 Program Voucher from one city to another – that is also sometimes termed as porting your voucher – may involve the following steps with little variations depending upon where you are currently and where you’re going to be after you have gotten your Section 8 Program Voucher transferred:

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Step 1: Contact your Section 8

Call section 8 to tell them you want to port

First of all you need to contact your current Section 8 Housing representatives or the Initial Housing Authority to let them know that you are planning to move to another city and want the same Section 8 facilities there too. They will most probably ask you to sign a request for portability document and then issue you a housing choice voucher.

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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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    • Hi Betty,

      Thanks for your input. Not really sure what your question is… it sounds like you want to know the best place to look for housing. My suggestion is the classifieds of your local newspaper. Good luck.

  2. i would like to know how i go about transferring my section 8 from oh to va. and who do i contact.

  3. I wanted to know is the vouchers for va the same amount as the vouchers in dc for a three bedroom

  4. I want to now if Section 8 Housing can pay for a house ?
    and if so will it do it in another city ?

  5. I would ilke to know if I were to transfer my section 8 voucher from Umatilla county Oregon to Baker/Union county Oregon, will my rent amount stay the same for a family 1 adult and 3 children?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Your bedroom voucher allowance will stay the same but the rent will change if the market is cheaper it will go down, if it’s more expensive, it may go up.

  6. i have moved to phx, az and have section 8 my worker in michigan did not fax my paperwork in time and when i arrived the absorbtion process had been closed. now no one will help me and i just need to find somewhere that is absorbing. what can i do?

  7. i’m moving from NJ to AL, My section 8 office in NJ gave me a voucher that is good from 5/8/09-6/8/09, if i find a place in those times do i have to pay rent or does it go under section 8? I’m asking because i don’t have enought money for a hotel and i want to make sure i don’t get stuck.

  8. I want to move from Santa Barbara, CA to Monterey,CA or Pacific Grove, CA. The rental allowance for Santa Barbara is higher than other cities since the rents are so high here. Is there any way I can find out what the rental allowance is for Monterey and Pacific Grove? Also, I have a 1 bedroom here in Santa Barbara and was told if I move to a studio apartment, I lose my voucher for a 1 bedroom. Is this true of all housing authorities in the USA? My friend in Monterey has a studio cottage that he will rent to me with my section 8 voucher, but I don’t want to lose my status for a 1 bedroom if another house he owns in Pacific Grove comes available.

    Thanks for your help!


    • You need to call those housing authorities. You won’t lose your one bedroom status by going into a studio.

  9. I have a 3 bedroom house, I am a single mother of 3. I have two sons and my oldest son in mentally ill, and I have a daughter. I have 2 teenagers, of the opposite sex. My housing representative is trying to downsize me into a two bedroom. The reason is that my son that is mentally ill, is in a facility, and their’s no date when he’s going to be released. My, question is can she downsized me because of that, even if I two teenagers of opposite sex.

    • Doesn’t sound like she should be allowed to do this. Ask her how this is possible?

    • Yes, because it’s two heart beats to a room. You and your daughter would have to share a room. Your son would get his own. They say same sex no matter the age share same room. Opposite sex then you get separate rooms. I only know because I’m a single mother of one. I have a son so I get a two bedroom voucher. Good luck.

  10. Can you give Rita ( your May 11th inquiry) My e-mail addrss. I also have a voucher and I would love to live in

    Monterey County closer to family. I have a disabilty and I’m searching for a one bedroom unit in that area. What other listings may be available to me?? thanks. LaLandry

  11. i currently live in jersey city new jersey and have a section 8 voucher for three bedrooms want to transfer to union county new jersey wanted to know will my bedroom voucher allowance stay the same and will my rent change or will the rent amount stay the same

    • Your bedroom allowance will stay the same. But the rent depends on the market in that area. If rentals in union county are cheaper the rent will go down. If not, it’ll go up or stay the same.

  12. I wwant to transfer my voucher from Okla to Fla. The certification here in OK for a 1 bed is 512 but the certification for a 1 bed in Fla is 612—how does that work out? Fla is not absorbing–so does that mean that I can not trnasfer??Thanks am very worried.

    • If the authority in Florida will not absorb you, maybe you should try the neighboring section 8 housing authority. Or if you have extreme conditions, perhaps you can compel them to absorb you.

  13. Hi. I want to transfer my voucher and move to another county my counselor has been giving me the run around talking about it is waiting list and it would only take me a year to be transferred out it has been over a year and i would like to know what the transfer process is.

  14. I have just been issued a voucher for Brazos county in Texas and need to remain in Harris county Texas due to the fact that I have a 8 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with systemic lupus. I have frequent trips to Texas Childrens Medical Center. Is there a way I can request an Emergency or Medical Portability without having to stay a year in Brazos county first?

  15. hi i would like 2 relocate from ny 2 texas perferably dallas plano areas i was wondering how much my voucher would be there…there are 2 people on my caseload…i am current on welfare due 2 disability and recieve barely anything from them …215/month whatwould happen there…

  16. if myself and mom are living on section 8 and mom dies i am listed on her section 8 also im disabled do i still get to keep the section 8 ?

  17. I want to move to another state and keep my voucher, when I move I will taking care of my niece and nephew, in addition to my two children. Is that a change I will have to make before I ask to get transfered? Also my current lease will end in January so how soon will I need to put in my request to transfer to another state, January will also make a full year of my eligibility.

    Thanks so much!

  18. Hi jason i have a question I have been in my current house for almost two years and when my year was up i asked for a portability. My counselor advised me it would be six months to a year. It has been over that. I have a friend that informed if I ask for a portability I was suppossed to get one cause we moved at the same time and she already got hers. So why can’t i get ported out.

  19. i want to know if i switch my section 8 from new jersey to virginia does the voucher amount stay the same????

  20. I now live in WV and want to transfer my section 8 voucher to Arlington VA. I need help.


  21. I’m trying to transfer out from one county to the next. My caseworker put me on a waiting list over a year ago. I was wondering is there a such thing as a transfer waiting list and if so what is portability?

  22. i would like to no waht county in illinois is absorb because i am trying to move my section 8 voucher to chicago but in a subuarn area like bellwood forest park oak park or even chicago

  23. I just applied for Section 8 (not public housing) in Lake County, I was wondering, if I move to Chicago (Cook County) before I ever get a reply as to my acceptance into Section 8 help, will they transfer my case to Chicago? I live in Lake County and I don’t know how long it will take for me to get this help, and if I move will I still be eligible to get it, I know I’ll still need it. Any info you have on that would be really helpful to me, thanks.


    • You can switch by calling the county that you want to switch to and see if they are absorbing transfers. The housing authority may have a security deposit where they pay for you and you pay them back over time.

  25. Hi im Lisa,Im originally am from Jersey City,NJ.Im in
    Jax,Fl moved here because my sister were living here at the
    time.She know moved back to NJ.Its been 2 years and me and my
    children miss our family.I just found out Jersey City is not
    absorbing,I still have till the end of June before giving Jax
    3months notice of my wanting to move,but what if jersey city is
    still not absorbing?by that time?Also how long does the time frame
    of”Not absobing”take?when does that get lifted?Also,How eaarly in
    advanced should I start this process?I just want this to go as
    smoothly as possible,bieng that I already have expirience that was
    prity fustrating.Thanx for all your help!happy to see that a sight
    like this exists.

    • You’ve got to contact the county housing authority where you want to move and see if they will absorb you.

  26. I am currently received the Section 8 program. I currently
    hold a voucher for New Jersey. I am looking to move to Georgia. My
    questions are can I transfer my voucher to georgia, will my bedroom
    amount limit change, and does the amount I receive change when I
    move or does it stay the same for the first year?

    • Yes you can transfer. Your bedroom amount will stay the same. However your rental amount will not stay the same. It will be in accordance with Georgia housing authority.

  27. hi i have section8 in new jersey and i would like to
    tranfer my section8 to VA and my lease is up in july this year and
    i would like to know when should i talk to the people at

    • I would suggest doing this as soon as possible. Notify both housing authorities to ensure a smooth transition.

  28. I currently live in Nogales Az, having been wanting to transfer for 3 years now and it has been taking forever… I really can’t stay here due to a threat to be killed. I don’t feel comfortable living here anymore, I can’t go out by myself. I just need to get away. I have section 8 just hoping someone will absorb it. please help me. I need a 3 bedroom.

  29. Is it true that va beach section 8 is closed for portability? And they don’t have to accept a transfer??

  30. Hi i currently live in cuyahoga county (cleveland ohio) and i am trying to port from here to orange county florida, and i was told that orlando or orange county does not absorb all they do is bill the other county, I’m not sure if cuyahoga county does this, Futhermore the lady in orange county said i can port there but they would bill cuyahoga county, Will my county i live in now pay for that?

  31. We want to transfer our voucher over to AZ from WI. AZ cities are currently billing except for City of Tempe, what happens if the City Of Tempe decides to do the same at the mid of this year, they cannot seem to give a us an answer yet? What should we do then?

  32. Once I receive my voucher (in Santa Barbara Ca.) I would like to move. Is there a time limit/condition that would prevent me from moving to another city or state imeidiatly?

    iI was told that I would have tp live in Santa Barbara for a year after receivig my voucher. I have not been able to confirm this infprmation.

    Thanks !

  33. Hello, I have 3 daughters and I have section 8 in orange, nj my voucher is for 3br. I am looking to move to bloomfield,nj will I be able to keep my 3br voucher?

  34. I live in ky i want to move to ohio where do i live during the process of transfer do i continue to live where i am or do i have to find somewhere to stay.

  35. hey my name is mira phipps and i would like to transfer my section 8 from st.thomas usvi to new york city and i would like to know how i can go about it thank you very much and god bless

  36. Hello I’m a single parent of one and I was trying to get help to transfer my section 8 from michigan to dallas texas. I knw the cost of living is more, but wld I be able to transfer my section 8 to tx if the cost of living is higher than mich if anyone knw the transfer process please email me @ [email protected] if yu guys hv any info..My lease is up july 14, 2011

  37. Hello I am a single parent with 3 children. We currently live in Williamsburg, VA. and am on the section 8 program. I am trying to relocate to Georgia. Preferably in the Gwinett County areas. I am having a hard time because I was told that they are not absorbing the vouchers? Can anyone tell me if there is a way around this. I really want to move to Georgia because my children has dreams and goals and I really feel like this is the place to start. I was living in GA about 2 years ago and I was notified by VA that my name was due to come up on the list. I asked if I would be able to transfer my voucher to GA and I was told yes. After I received my voucher I was told that VA did not want to be billed from GA and also that GA was not absorbing the voucher. So I am stuck here in VA. Do anyone have any suggestions?

  38. This is f-n ridiculous I want 2 move2 Santa Cruz Ca-I am on section8-I am going to port 2santa cruz from Iowa But santa cruz is absorbing and billing-Iowas rent is 1200 dollars lower than Santa cruz so wut now ?Isnt ther a way 2 c which housing authorities in Ca r accepting transfers and NOT BILLING cuz im sure no matter what Iowa will not agree 2 be billed 1200 over the normal rent standard-unless they didnt have2pay it for long- what do i do-just want2find a place that i can transfer2close 2 santa cruz and will absord me and not bill iowa section 8-iv been workin hard 2 get an answer and cant find one please help me;)

  39. when transfering my voucher if the housing authority im transfering2is billing will the housing authority that is getn the bill pay my rent when the new voucher is 1400.00 more for rent? Im movin from iowa section8pays 910.00 total im transfering 2 California the rent standard is 2400.00 so will my housing authority pay that much more or will they denie me?

    • That should not be a problem. California just bills Iowa for the difference.

  40. hi i live in philly but i want to port out in to a 3 bedroom house outside of philly. so it up to the housing authority that i am dealing with to have things go faster? but porting usually will take about a month or two. philly is kind of slow.lol

  41. I would like to move to durham north carolina from Michigan. I would like to know what is the process? Also, Can Michigan deny just because or do the have to have a reason?

  42. My question is this…I am originally from Boston, and its there that I first received my section 8. I have currently lived in Va for a little over 2 years and I transferred my voucher here. I very much want to move back, and be under the same jurisdiction as my section 8’s “original” owner. They are telling me that they are “not absorbing” any at this time. The reason I am moving back is because I am unable to find the things I need here, IE: Doctors, dentists and most of all therapist/psychiatrist for the treatment of my disability. They said that the only way they could take me back is if Va continued to pay, but Va will only pay to their maximum allowance, which wouldn’t be enough for Bostons higher rent cost. Is there a way I could strengthen my case and have them absorb me due to the fact of moving for medical reasons? What are my rights?

    • My suggestion would be to move to the next closest housing authority to boston.

  43. can you transfer section 8 voucher from an apartment in ny ( 1 bedroom ) to a private house in nj ( 1 bedroom ) renting from a relative? it is a 2 family house and i will be renting from my brother using my section 8 …is ths allowed?

    • As long as the landlord is willing to accept your voucher, you can live in any type of unit, apartment or house, it doesn’t matter.

  44. I have section 8 program and recive work in Hawaii Oahu it s pasble transfer my voucher to Hawaii state ?

  45. Hi, I am currently in Michigan looking to move back to New York with My Section 8 voucher, it was quite easy to move to michigan but I am not sure about New York, more people, more vouchers they have to deal with. I am just looking for a smooth transition for my son and I. How do I go about moving back without any complications?

    • You’d have to look for the least populated Housing authority near where you want to live and ask them if they are absorbing vouchers.

  46. You might want to verify that you can rent from a relative. I think there may be some restrictions on who you can rent from.

  47. I have section 8 on Maui, Hawaii.Want to transfer to California. How do I find a house and process it from over here so I can move in the day I arrive? I’m not there to sign anything.How do I find out what the rent limit including utilities is? over here max rent for a 2 bedroom is $1430 and must include utilities. Whats the max over there? I want a house not an apartment.How do I know from over here what neighborhoods are bad or good? This seems impossible!

    • Gosection8.com is very helpful when relocating! You just put in the city and state where you would like to reside! I see yourpost is from 2011, but for future reference! Good luck!

  48. Hi I’m transfer my section8 to Chicago Il I’m with The Housing Authority of Oxford Ms they said I can’t transfer my voucher they also said that they will be bill for it

    • I need more information. Oxford Section 8 won’t transfer your Voucher to Chicago Housing Authority? Or is it Chicago who is not accepting your voucher from Oxford?

  49. I am currently looking to port to south carolina and finding it hard to get simple information as to which counties absorb. No one is ever available for questions. Im determined to move there because of a peaceful beginning for my family and i.

  50. Hi,I’m quest, I live on the eastern shore of va and I have section 8/housing one or the other. I want to transfer to virginia beach cus I have a job offer out there, but they are not absorbing only billing. Now, the eastern shore is very small and lost, now I am aproved for a 2 bedroom at first and was giving 90 days to find a place to live ,but I could so my last day I decided to add my gf and her kids so my unit size was raised up to a 3bedroom which I’m in now. Ok my lease is up in june and her and her kids are come off, so I should be back down to a 2bedroom? What if I am giving a certain amount of time to find a house if I can’t be absorbed,and have to stay on the shore,and my time runs out. What happens then to my voucher?

  51. someone told me that in order to tranfer section 8 voucher to another state, I must first live in the state (with section 8 ) for one full year. Is that true? I live in Pasadena, ca

    • That is not true at all so whoever told you that has there information wrong!

    • We are basing our answers on Housing Authorities Handbooks and facts from clients and Section 8 representatives. If you have different information, please share. We’re here to exchange concerns, advises and answers to the best of our knowledge. Thanks

    • It is true UNLESS your current facilities are not adequate for your household makeup. My apartment recently went from project based to voucher. I was told I had to live here in my one-bedroom for one full year before I could port my voucher. However, a neighbor who was a one parent/one child household when she moved into her two-bedroom had had another child in the two years she lived here. She was immediately able to port her voucher as soon as she found adequate housing.

  52. Hello,

    I currently reside in Ohio with plans on relocating to Washington sometime around Feb 2012.I found out WA is only billing and not absorbing but what does that mean? Also when should I start the porting process?

    Thank you so much

    • absorbing means that the city that you wish to move to will bill the city that you come from for the rent an the city that you come frome will pay the new HA your rent

    • Actually, if your new housing authority is ABSORBING Section 8 Vouchers, they will pay for rent. If you’re new city is not Absorbing, then your old Housing Authority will be BILLED so your Section 8 Voucher will still be paid by your old city (Housing Authority that you’ve moved from).

    • no it does not absorbing means that they will pay for the expense and billing means that they will bill the state that you are leaving frm

    • Absorbing Means that the new housing authority is fully absorbing you into their program and funding stream cutting all ties with prior Housing Authority

      Billing Means the new housing authority doesn’t have money to support the incoming voucher so they will pay hap/utility reimbursement on your voucher and then bill it back to your original HA.

  53. I got section 8 here in nc.I want to move to fl they told me no.because my voucher is only like $800.and in fl you need more than that.how i do this i want to move.please help.

    • I also have section 8 in nc and am moving to utah. My amount here is less than in utah. U have to find something in florida within ur range. Just google apartment finder for that state. And yes timing is also important. I just found out there are cut off dates. I wanted 2 move at the beginning of july but thanks 2 cut-off dates,I’m stuck in nc til the end of august!!

    • Actually what is happening is that the county you want to move to has a higher payment standard for your voucher size.

      That means that if the new HA doesn’t absorb and elects to bill your current HA it will cost your current HA much more to administer that voucher.

      They can only deny the higher cost port if they can show it is a financial burden. Even if they initially deny that housing authority would be required to approve the port as soon as they had funds open up (via vouchers dropping off program). Ask if they are issuing new vouchers? If they are issuing new vouchers in your jurisdiction then their argument that they can’t afford your port is null and void because they are not supposed to issue any new vouchers until they can accomodate your port if you are eligible. You could also look at surrounding counties in florida to see if any have payment standards more in line with your current HA.

  54. my name is jeanette and i am in transition to arizona and i am trying to find out what cities if any are absorbing sec 8 vouchers at this time my lease is up in sept but i would like to get an early start

    • Keep checking our website we are constantly updating open lists also join our email list for alerts

  55. I am living in San Diego and am living with Section 8 voucher. I would like to move to Yuma, AZ. I am waiting a return call from my housing agent. Can anyone tell me anything about how the process works in the meantime?

    Thank you.

  56. How can a person transfer section 8 from NY to Florida? Does anyone know the process between these two states and how long it takes?

    • There are several Housing Authorities in Florida so I’m giving you the link to the list http://www.hud.gov/local/fl/renting/hawebsites.cfm . Find the one you’d be moving to and call them to request forms and procedure. Then contact NY and ask them if they’re absorbing or billing. Their phone number is 212-306-3000.

  57. I have been on Sec 8 for 7 years. I got my first voucher in Texas where I remained until last year when I ported out to Lake County IL. I have not been able to find work here and want to go back to Texas. I have a job waiting for me and have spoken to the Housing Authority there and have been told that Lake County Housing Auth. would be billed instead of them absorbing me. The rent standard in Texas is almost 100.00 less than it is in Illinois. The problem; my lease ends on Dec 6 2011. My landlord is willing to end my lease on Oct 1 2011 and I can get that in writing. I called the LCHA a few months ago and was told that I could leave early with landlord approval. The told me the opposite today and only repeated the 12 mo. rule. Is there any way that I can leave early? I have a job waiting for me and I am barely surviving here in Illinois. Please help. Thank you.

    • As long as you don’t owe any rent to your current Landlord and he agrees to let you off the Lease earlier you shouldn’t have any problem. My suggestion is to call Texas Housing Authority and get all the forms and requirements to transfer your voucher back to them. Get ALL your doubts and questions answered (by e-mail even better so you have everything in writing). Then get a letter made out to LCHA from your Landlord stating he lets you move out before the Lease is up and take it in person to your LCHA Satellite office and start process. Do not call. Just go with all the documentation.

    • I manage a Section 8 Program and the rules can very from County to County.

      “A PHA has the statutory option of restricting portability
      for up to one year if (and, presumably, only if) the family
      receiving the voucher for the  rst time does not have a
      legal domicile in the PHA’s jurisdiction at the time of the

      Most housing authorities do this but some will port in the first year if they have written that they allow such in their Admin Plan.

      Some authorities will tell are operating under the false assumption that you must have lived in their county for a year to be immediately eligible for portability when receiving a voucher but the requirement is that you can prove you have a legal residence in that county at the time of application.

      As i said most Authorities will require you to use your voucher in their county for a year if you did not meet the residency requirement at application/admission.

    • Ask your Housing Authority for a “Mutual Recession of Lease” form.

      The form would be completed by your landlord and inform the HA that your landlord is letting you out of your lease obligations.

      If your landlord agrees to dissolve the lease then the HA can’t deny eligibility for port saying you didn’t fulfill your lease.

      Now on the flipside..if they require that you use a voucher for a year in their jurisdiction then you might have to wait. The landlord being willing to let you out of your lease early doesn’t mean you have met the criteria for portability it just means you aren’t violating/breaking your lease.

  58. I have had section8 for about 4yrs here in Michigan. I plan on moving to Charlotte, NC in 1yr. Can I transfer my voucher to another state? Is it true I would need to live their a year before I’d be able to utilize my voucher? If so, how would I go about doing this…..? PLEASE HELP!!

    • No, you have to live for at least 1 yr at the city where you got your Section 8 voucher from. You’ve already lived in Michigan for 4 yrs. so you can transfer your voucher to a different state now. Call Charlotte, NC Housing Authority at (704) 336-5183 to get information on how and when you have to start requesting transfer.

  59. I have just got my first section 8 voucher in Texas this month, Aug., and I found a 55 and older apt., but after I live here one year I would like to move to either Florida or Arizona near family. My agency lady told me that I would need to find an agency that is “absorbing”, as rentals where I got my section 8 have low rentals compared to other cities and states and they can not port me out to any place that is more money for them.
    Does anyone know if on the HUD website or anywhere I can find out who is “absorbing” and who isn’t? Will I have to just go to each city or county in the states I want to live in and email each and everyone of them? That might take weeks to do all this. I wish there were somehow an easier way to find who absorbs and who doesn’t. Any help would be great! Thank you

    • Shouldn’t you 1st filter which State and City you’re moving into? Some Housing Authority Offices are independent from each other. I’d call one Section 8 from each state and find out if they have a list. But I think your situation is very vague. I can feel your concern… Florida has tons of Offices!!! I wouldn’t mind moving to Fort Lauderdale though!:). I’d start here (954) 556-4100 Fort Lauderdale Section 8 Good Luck!

  60. I have a housing choice voucher from mi and I just ported to dallas texas and I was wondering what other cities could I move to cause I really like lewisville, and denton area! Please respond

    • The Dallas Housing Authority covers Counties of Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Tarrant, so there you have it!

  61. I have a section 8 housing voucher and i would like to relocate to Ohio could someone help me find the contact number so i can find out if they are absorbing and also what the prosses is I have to follow to get this done please help me.

    • Here’s the Cincinnati office info 513-721-4580 Main Phone Number and their fax is 513-977-5606.
      They’re open M-TH, 7:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Closed Friday

  62. August 25, 2011
    Hi! I would like to transfer from MA to NYC, portability voucher section 8. I can’t find any info online, just transfer info within NY State. Is 1st month’s rent, deposit, and last month’s rent required? Are midtown, chelsea, gramercy park, soho, noho areas available for section 8 tenants? I have a pension now, but was receiving SSI due to mental health and other health issues. However, my pension money exceeds SSI standards by $50.00 in MA. Can I still be considered as disabled by NYCHA regardless of income? Next question but off-topic, I pay for my health insurance under Commonwealth Care of MA. Does NY have any State Medical Insurance for lower income individuals? I’d appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you! Take Care…….Doris

    • You can search apts here http://www.gosection8.com/states/ny.aspx.
      Landlords normally request Section 8 Voucher Holder to pay the security deposit which is usually the value of 1 month rent. But you have to discuss terms with Landlord. They might not charge you they might charge you more. Housing Authoriy pays 1st month rent. I never heard of the last month… Each HA has its income guideline. You would have to check with them.

  63. I have been on section 8 in fort myers fl for 5 years now at the same apartment. I am pregnate again high risk with no help here and unable to get a descent job here at all and I have a college degree, I want to transfer my voucher to where my mother is in brevard county Florida but dont want to be stuck here untill my lease is over in April 2012. Im due with this baby in Dec 2011 and need to know how I can transfer my sec 8 before my lease is up so Im not stuck here by myself with 3 kids and no help. thanks again.

    • Call either Section 8 for Brevard County North area at 321-775-1577 or for the South area 321-775-1583. Ask them if they’re billing or absorbing.
      Talk to your Landlord and ask him to give you a letter allowing you to move before your Lease ends. Then call your case worker and set a meeting to get transfer papers.

  64. Is there a list that clearly states what states are absorbing section 8 vouchers? I really don’t have a particular state I would like to move too as of yet. Just want to know my options. Thanks in advance!

  65. I am currently on the waiting list for Howard county located in MD where I currently live. A while bck I had also applied to OH. To make a long story short, I pick up my vouchers in OH on Sept 16, but I wanted to know if it was possible that I port my voucher here to md since this is where I live and im already on the wait list here. Reason being, I just got a job and started school, I finally have everything established and I dnt want to mess that up. Only MAJOR thing missing, is a a place to live. Just checking my options. Thanks for any help.

    • Again… You have to live for at least 1 year in that jurisdiction before you can transfer you Section 8 voucher somewhere else.

  66. I know Collin County Texas Section 8 voucher is not absorbing. If I get my voucher transferred to DAllas County since they are absorbing, is that considered Collin County and I could find an apt. in Collin county through Dallas county and they would pay? Thanks

    • Talk to your case worker and ask which counties your housing authority covers. Some HA covers severals jurisdictions.

  67. I have a maywood Ill voucher I have been asking to port out but they keep saying I can’t unless someone is absorbing but I heard that’s not true they don’t won’t to be billed what do I do

  68. I am currently living in an apartment on section 8 and I want to move to Atlanta in a house I will have been here a year next month but my landlord said my section 8 won’t transfer and I really want to move up there so I wanted to know what reason would my section 8 not transfer?

    • Hi Kim,

      Different states have different rules and regulations for section 8. I would definetly file for a transfer and see how they treat it. Here is some helpful info on transfering from atlanta. Make sure to contact the housing coordinator in your county before you make your move . Tell the coordinator the specific city that you are moving to so that the process can move along without any problems and the new county is better prepared to take your voucher information and input you into their computer system.
      Send in all required info that the housing coordinator asks for and dont leave anything out. The coordinator will submit your information to the new state’s coordinator.Keep calling and make sure you contact your coordinator to determine if your voucher information has been submitted, processed and accepted in the new state.

  69. Do sec8 have a listing or web page, that have what states are absorbing transferred candiates

    • That is a very good question.
      If you are looking for a listing/webpage, contact the local PHA. And or you can contact the HUD Office that is closest to you.
      The PHA administers their vouchers locally.

  70. i have been on seaction for four years now and i wont to move to atlanta Ga monroe walton county but they are only billing i talked to my seaction 8 and they told me that i can not because they can not afford it is this true and if not what can i do what do i need to do

    • What county and state do you currently live in? Is Walton county currently absorbing? The problem may not be the $$ but the fact that they are not granting any new vouchers or accepting transfers right now. Make sue you are on the waiting list.

  71. I’m trying to transfer my section 8 to another city in va And I stayed in the area for a year but everybody’s billing what do I do next

  72. I have been trying to move my voucher from sc to pa but my section 8 worker says i can’t move unless pa is absorbing bc sc can’t afford the billing what can i do

  73. I live in Mi and have a sect 8 voucher,I want to move to fort wort tx…can anyone tell me the best areas to move in or some good apts or townhomes In a good area of fort wort.tx…..

  74. I am looking to move myself and my 4 boys from salt lake city,utah to little rock ,arkansas n am on a section 8 housing voucher for a 3 bedroom.I am receiving 1257 mnthly if the state is billing then do i look for a place around that amount?? And if they r absorbing his long do i wait to move in to a place in arkansas? Also what are the housing authority numbers in little rock,also who do i talk to?

  75. I live in PA, I have been on section 8 for 6 years. I am currently employed and pay 75% of my rent. I am thinking of moving to Maine, however, Portland Maine isn’t absorbing. Is there anywhere in Maine that is? Please help.

  76. Hi my name is lisa im from wny nj I have section8 im trying to move to georgia but my case worker telling me I have to give a 30 day notice to her sign from me snd my landlord and she will send my papers to ga it dont mske no since how im going to write a letter and I fidnt find no apartment section8 in ga said it takes 60 days and my lease is up in dec can she do that do I have to write a letter just to get her to send them my papers what if tjey font call me when dec comes where im hoing to go

  77. I’m very confused by the porting process. I’m wanting to go to cook county IL. They’re billing and my local is willing to accept the bill. But cook county says it takes 4 weeks and my local housing authority says they can’t submit transfer papers before I move out? So I’m supposed to be homeless for 4 weeks before I can even start looking for a house????

    • I need an answer to this question? I haven’t heard from the office I absorbed to. I have two weeks left to move. Help!!! My kids and myself will be homeless.

  78. I have a HCV in NC and I have called and emailed a bunch of different counties about which ones are absorbing, but is there an easier way to find out which counties are absorbing tenants?

  79. I have been on section 8 in GA for the past 17 years. I need to move to MI due to mental health issues and better health care in MI. I want to move to either Wayne County MI or Alganac County MI. Is they a way to find out the portability of these two counties please?

  80. My family member got arrested last month for stealing and was sent to jail for a few hrs will she be able to move into her place???

  81. My name is Grace and I live in Fort Worth Texas live here all my life. I been in Section 8 for 8 years. With Fort Worth Housing Authority. And I want to move to New York City. I never moved out of state with my voucher, but can you port. Does New York City absorb or will they bill Fort Worth Housing Authority. I been reading a lot of things and different people say different things and don’t want to feel all confuse want to do the right things. I have always wanted to live in New York. But the only thing is that my lease is already coming up in Sept and already told my landlord that I was going to stay for another year I been living here in this Apartment complex for 8 years. but I much rather be in New York. So now what do I need to do what happens if I should break my Lease I don’t want to get in trouble much less get kick out of my apartment then where will I go. Please help me!!!!! Thank You.

  82. I applied for section 8 in Idaho. I was still living in Colorado at the time I applied, but knowing I was going to move to Idaho. The PHA in Idaho received my application on 4/26/12. I arrived in Idaho on 5/1/12, and lived there until 3/10/14. I updated my address with the PHA by mid-May 2012, and then changed it with them again in October 2012. They do not want to let me port; they said new voucher holders have to live in the jurisdiction for 12 months. They didn’t say anything about my living in CO when I applied, so I’m not sure if that fact makes me a “non-resident applicant” and thus not eligible to port. Does the nearly two years I lived in the jurisdiction while on the waiting list make any difference in that designation (non-resident applicant) or to my eligibility to port?

    • Suasn Johana. They’re just saying since u apply out of their jurisdiction that u have to b there a yr with them. If u had applied in there jurisdiction then u would b able to port out.

  83. I am a 39 year old single mother of 2 young boys. I moved to Texas to start a new life with out domestic violence. I recieved a section 8 voucher and since return to school. Attend a junior college in the town where I live and this year is my second year. The worker over my case has asked me for 6 check stubwhen section 8 only require that you present 3. She has also asked for a Pell Grant print out telling me any money not used for school or book will be considered income. She asked if there was a way the company I work for can print her more then 3 check stubs. Today she called while I was at school to make an appt for me to come in to her office. I feel that I am being targeted who can I report this too without getting my kids and I kicked out into the street.

  84. I live in tx but sc is paying for my voucher. I have been in tx for two years and I want to move to another state. Will s.c still be responsible for my rent or will my port be denied because tx has always been billing? I am so confused

  85. I’m relocating from Florida with my section 8 to Columbia s.c and I would like to know what surrounding counties in s.c can I move too if anyone knows pls tell me thnx….

  86. I am porting out of Indianapolis, Indiana into Akron, Ohio and haven’t found any houses there. So now I want to port from Akron to Youngstown, Ohio. Is there any way I can get my paper work and transfer everything to Youngstown instead of Akron?

  87. Hi I moved from Mass to RI with my voucher and have been here 12yrs!Now I want to move back to Mass and they are not absorbing yet but will administer me in and my RI housing authority says they will deny there request.Can they do that?I have been looking for 2yrs and RI knows this and how hard it is to find a place to except pets.I found a nice place in Mass.What can I do before I lose this new place?TY

  88. hello my name is renee im looking to move back to new york city from ohio with my section 8… but alot of people are saying i cant… is there a difference with section 8 and housing authority or is it the same… and my last question is what are grounds for termination of section 8 like if a person live in public housing and owe money they cant get section 8 in that state right? thanks

  89. if i ported in from one state to another and all my paperwork is completed but the house keep failing can i go back to my old housing authority or change to another state

  90. I RECENTLY RECEIVED SECTION 8 in Lafayette LA and Iam applying for section 8 in gGa Lafayette says I can’t transfer for a year but I am disabled and can not return to Lafayette I haven’t use my voucher yet is there anyway they can just transfer my voucher to Ga since I cannot return back to Lafayette

  91. I received a section 8 voucher in Lewisburg,Tn but I am trying to port out of Tn to Chicago. I have called section 8 in Chicago who said that , they are not absorbing but the previous HA will be billed. Will there be a reason that my voucher will not be sent to Chicago ?

  92. The state of Montana has had 30 days to process the lease agrement and has not made the HAP payment as of yet, the Landlord had me pay full rent because they hadn’t received HAP Contract. Rent is due again in two weeks, what steps do I need to take as I live on a fixed income and have no way of increasing income?

  93. Did you move to Florida already? I’m in Florida and trying to move to another city. Let me know how you did the process or if you need help.
    The county that issued my voucher is still open. I’m trying to move closer to my doctor. So I need to move to another city.
    They are telling me to find one that absorbs. If they are still issuing vouchers can I be helped by accepting to be billed if I find a lower priced place to live? Meaning my rent would be lower than what I’m paying now,.

  94. I am trying to move to Norwalk from West Haven. The worker informed me that they can only port my paperwork to the housing authority in Norwalk. I found a place already and the landlord informed me that he goes through a different company named J Amelio and associates. Is it my choice where I want the voucher sent?

    • As long as the new building is section 8 approved, you can move in there and the landlord will deal with section 8 directly to get paid once your paperwork is processed.

  95. I’m trying to move my section 8 to Minneapolis my plan is to move in May I already talk to my worker and I already have my packet. my question is how long is the progress I know I have to go to ornamentation but I’m not sure if I should turn it in the first week of April or. Getting close to my leave date? Need help?

  96. I am looking to port out of Montana to Florida (Kissimmee Area) and am looking for information on the porting process into FL and how long it takes to complete all the necessary paper work. I will be Porting in July 2015.

    • How long did it take you and did FL contact that your transfer was done or your previous state?

    • Nelson maybe you can help also, I would like to move to jacksonville from CT, however when reading the Jville section 8 rules it says that if you come to them with a 3 bdrm voucher doesnt mean you will keep one when you get there, their rules are 2 to a room regardless of age or sex. Have you heard this? I lived in Jville over 10 yrs ago & had a 3 bdrom, now its lookin like nope both kids in the same

  97. I’m porting from Chicago to south suburbs . All my paperwork has been received and I have appointment this month but is it an interview or briefing?

    • hi, lisa how long did it take for housing to call you.for a briefing? for the south burbs. im sick of thr city im ready to go!!


  98. I moved to a naiborhood that nothing but trouble keeps happening with in the few months that I have lived here people are getting shot and drug addics and gang bangers are contently in and out of the complex at all hours of the night. I have talked to the landlord/owner about this but nothing is being done. He also is renting out one of the gorages to someone as an apartment. Will section8 allow me to move 3 months befor my year is up here in Los angeles ca.

  99. Hi everyone, I was just wondering about the voucher amount? does it change when you go from one state to another..since some states cost of living is higher than others.
    such as I am coming from Houston, going to Vegas? Will my voucher increse or decrease.
    Thank you

  100. Hi my name is Jasmine, I”m new to the Section 8 of Kern County.
    I just have a question do you have to stay in the the county, that approved you for section8 for a year. Before you can transfer to another county?

  101. I live in PR i am planning on moving to texas wish to transfer my section 8 but really cant find the information for the texas Sect 8 office for the transfer

  102. Hello I live in Marion County Fl im trying to move back to New York so I can be closer to family and find better work opportunity I had lived in Suffolk County Ny I’ve been trying to call a lot of places in New York even in Pennsylvania and NO ONE is absorbing, Please I’m in desperate need to go back I know the cost in New York is a lot but I feel I would have a better opportunity to find what I’m looking for with work and having a set life goal for me as a nurse. So please someone help me find a place that is ABSORBING!! P.s my lease is up next month June 30 not much time. Thank you Everyone Have a Bless Day.

  103. So I went to orientation month ago how long does it take to actually get my voucher im in Durham nc I submitted all my documents and proof of homelessness.

    • Were you accepted? Submitting all documents does not automatically get you a voucher. It can take years of waiting.

  104. I am on section 8 in Minnesota, and my lease is up in 12-15 when should I ask for my portability papers or is it to early?



    • Try this company, they accept public assistance payment:718-349-3114. A&a moving and storage.

  106. HELPi have 3 months remaining before my lease isup.Im trying to move to a new county.When do i inform my caseworker than im transfering my voucher? thanks in advance.

  107. I am trying to transfer my section 8 voucher from Savannah to Atlanta. How long will it take being that its in the same state?

    • I live in new york and i want to move to atlanta when i called to get the information to get it portable they was giving me the run around. Can somebody help me

  108. Hello i was wondering do anyone know how would I be able to tell if section has gotten to my number in forth worth Texas I am having time trying to find out. I am from mississippi but I have a number on the waiting list.

    • You can call your HA to try and find out but it’s unlikely they’ll tell you where you are on the list.

  109. I have a question? I’m in the process of trying to move to a different county I got a voucher from my present one for the house I’m in now and a voucher from the new county to look for a home there! What I’m asking is stuff isn’t working out like I hoped to be able to move now does anyone know if id be able to cancel the absorbing to a new county and just stay in the county I’m At now and continue my HUD in the home I’m at now?

  110. I currently live in NJ want to transfer to AZ for medical purposes…Also can I add a person on…..and what if I don’t have income? I would apply for Cash Assistance until I find work….any suggestions?

    • If you are going to add someone on your section 8 voucher, you should add them before moving to AZ. Also, you can apply for cash if you have no income at all. They will give you a option of a grant diversion which is a lump sum of cash for 3 months in advance, but you wont receive anything or than foodstamps foor those 3 months. The Pinal County housing phone number is 520-866-7201. Maricopa city is in this county and it is great place to live and raise kids.

  111. I live in PA I would like to move to Orlando Fla trying to find out how is the process when is to another state far I know from city to city in PA but not to another state far

    • I ported from nc to miami a couple of years ago….that process took about 5 months (with documents turned in on time) I recently moved from Miami and started my port to Orlando but finding a place was the hardest because just like Miami they give you a descent amount but its still the bottom of the barrel type of areas. Miami ported my info to Orlando in July but I didn’t get scheduled for my briefing until September which made my voucher expire November!!! Being that I technically didn’t have my whole 120 days to look for a place Miami is allowing me to transfer my voucher some place else (I believe Ima go somewhere in Ga) hopefully this office move promptly. Hope this helps and good luck to you

  112. Can any one tell me how can I transfer my section 8 I live in DeKalb county and the voucher in for Macon county Macon says that I got to stay their for a year before I can move is their any way I can port out before that year

  113. hi i have a quick question my husband and i are in sec.8 and we live in mission tx right now but his doctor from houston tx asked him if he can move back to be seen frequently is there any way we can get a transfer? and if so how does it work o what do we have to do?

  114. i have section8 i live in ny asked to move to connecticut have to go n pick up my voucher but the house i wanted got rented out can i transfer my section8 back to ny?

  115. Hi,, I am porting my Sec 8 voucher from GA to VA, where the cost of living almost doubles as does the housing payments standard. Problem is, since the new HA is not absorbing, only billing, my old HA said they will not pay a dime over the payment standard in GA. How can this be? I would never be able to find a place for that amount. Don’t they have to go by what the new payment standard is because of the location? They said tough luck, find someone who will absorb, not bill. Any chances that this isn’t 100% accurate?

  116. Im trying to move from Columbus Ohio to Las Vegas with my section 8 voucher How long is the prosess and how much time am I giving to move?

  117. What is the time limit that you can use your voucher once you transfer it, and what if you don’t find any places can you transfer it back?

  118. I have section 8 I just moved in my house in March2015 I signed a year lease I was just offered a job in Houston will I be able to move or will I have to turn down the job and stay out my year lease

  119. I live in key west I just got section 8 I have been looking for a home and couldn’t find any ,so I wouldn’t want to lose the section 8 program and I was wondering if I could move to a different city before a year

    p.s. I really need the section8 program

  120. Does anyone know if Colorado …Denver or Boulder area is billing or absorbing or also do u know the amount they start you at …I’m in va and from what I’ve seen its expensive there too

  121. hi I have a question. I currently have a voucher in north Carolina and am porting to md. I wanted to add my aunt before hand but i don’t think there is enough time to do the back ground check for her. can it be done in for days. she has know record. if not can i add her once i get to where im going. how long is the approval process to add my aunt, also can i request that my worker don’t port my paperwork until she is able to add my aunt or does she have a deadline. she was saying something about needing to add her before issuing my voucher. so if she has to issue me a voucher cant she update it after and then port it.

  122. I am from Brideport Connecticut I am trying to Transfer to Stratford Connecticut how days they get the paper

  123. If i just moved to iowa an they passed my inspection an my place is still not livable can i port back home if i cnt fund nothin else in iowa for my family size

  124. I currently live in a section 8 apartment in Nampa Idaho I would like to know where do I go to section 8 to move to a different state in Oregon my daughter has moved there and it’s important to me to be close to family that has helped out and I’ve helped them

  125. I may be moving to Atlanta surrounding area . can I transfer a voucher there. I have my son that moved there and I’m getting sick need to move closer.

  126. Hello my name Miss Harris i got my movin package i july been lookin for a one bedroom in ny i find place but the only problem i found places i nit coverings my rent voucher…when to alot of realty no one has not call me back…niw iam thinking bout moving to jersey cuz i can find a place in new york my package expires Nov 24…my worker said if i dont find a place i get extension…do u think it to late to do a port from ny to nj

    • It’s not too late. Get the extension from NY while calling nj housing and requesting portability.

  127. Hafa Adai anyone from guam out there?
    I’m thinking of relocating to Washington state or Texas how can I transfer my section 8 to either one of these states what is the first step just wanting to find better living for my family family of 7 any advice would be great

  128. I have a question. I’m already renting a townhouse. I haven’t signed up for section 8, but I’m wondering since I already have a place. How do I go about getting section 8 or pay low income rent, without moving? I hope that I explained my question that is understandable.

  129. I’m trying to port out from Miami to New York city with my section 8 voucher. I must submit my paper work tomorrow. Can anyone give me some vital information on the best Agency, and area out there. Thanks in advance.

  130. Hello I just received my sec 8 voucher in September 2015
    I have a emergency in Pensacola Fl and have to transfer my sec 8 from Kentucky asap. Do you know the county I need to contact?? Thanks for any help!!

  131. I’m trying to move home to Philadelphia and yes I’m on section8 I’m in Pittsburg pa and the housing here is bad i want to be back home with my family i been here to long please so one help

  132. Hi, I’m currently in Sanford, NC I plan on porting my voucher to Albany, GA. I’ve been here for 1 year. My question is; I won’t be able to move until June 2016 when my children get out of school my lease is up this month. Do I have to wait until my lease is up next November to move or can I move in June 2016 as long as I give them a 30- 60 day notice?

    • Does anyone have any info about newnan ga? (Coweta county)

      Thinking about porting there…
      Thanks in advance

  133. Hi I am from Dallas and I was wondering how do I transfer my Housing to Waco and who do I need to contact and the voucher amount for a 4 bedroom in that area?

  134. Hi, does any one happen to know what the voucher in El Paso, Tx is? (For a 2 bed)
    I’m trying to transfer from Odessa, Tx to El Paso, Tx but every time I call the housing office, they don’t answer.

  135. I’m in Oklahoma trying to get to Georgia. How can I get around being in Oklahoma a year before transfer

  136. Thanks a bunch but I definitely learned my lesson with moving from North Carolina to Miami, to Orlando, and now Coweta county. Yes it can be a hassle if youre not on top of things. I’m not exactly sure of the amount given for a 2 bedroom in Coweta, so far they have insisted that I wait until my briefing to get that information 🙁

  137. I just got approved for housing in TX but I’m currently in Michigan. I’ve gone through all the orientation process etc. since being approved I’ve been offered full time employment and free child care in addition to being close toy father who suffered a heart attack. Is there a way to have my section 8 moved to Michigan under these circumstances?

  138. OK I just received my section 8 voucher can I use it elsewhere or do I have to stay in the city where I got it from

    • Can anyone of you guys help me I’m trying to take my section 8 voucher from Baltimore to New Jersey I would love to go on a nice arae with my five children

  139. I have a compelling positution charge got the case in 2007 will this keep me from getting my section8

  140. im thinking about porting from NYC to Voulsia County Florida this summer, this is my first time porting. Once you get notified about your interview date in the new city, is that when you pack all your stuff and move out? then once you have your interview date youre waiting for a breifing date to get your voucher, so technically you’ll be homeless while your trying to find a new apt in the new state? do they offer you any assistance in temp shelter while youre tring to get a new apt or are you suppose to find yourown? any information would be helpful as I dont know how this works

    • They dont assist you with a damn thing so yes basically you have to find your own way which defeats the purpose of being on the program from the start because if i can afford to put a room over my children head then i wouldn’t need the voucher at all so its a major headache…ive ported from nc to mia…mia to Orlando and now orlando to ga so its been tough each move but it always works out… Just stay on top of everything and the process isnt overnight like some may think its more like 4-5 month process because they press move like a snail when pressing the button on the mouse to process the paperwork 🙁

  141. Hi to all.. I’m working on moving from Newark Nj to Jacksonville fl do any body knows how long does jax take to send u your first appointment?


  143. Moving in June 2016. Looking for a nice apartment complex in Decatur Georgia near good high school. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?? Thanks

  144. If i transfer to a different college to a different state can i take my section 8 voucher with me the only thing is i haven’t had my section 8 for a whole year just 8 months

  145. How do I get an application or voucher to be able to move from my section 8 housing in my current state to another state?

    • You need to go to your Section 8 office and say your summiting a transfer to another state in which is called a portability. .Filled out the form they are going to give you with all the info from the location you want to relocate. (.SECTION 8 HOUSING NEW info)..ok then you need to wait a 30 to 60 days depends who working on your case..

  146. Hi, I have secrion 8, but in city wherw I live, I get to many threats and people nocking and im scared living here, do you know if they can move me to different city that way I will feel safe ?

    • I too do not feel SAFE where I live in Bee Co. TX. I have had break-ins for 2yrs 10 mos. they even come in while I sleep. Housing did allow me to move 3 times in a 5 mos. period yet these sick deranged gang follow me. Police are no help they don’t fingerprint or investigate. I have witnesses that things are happening but it doesn’t help since they refuse to investigate. Every county I attempt to look into transferring too I’m told their not open and Bee Co. wld hve too absorb the rental pmt. and they refuse. I am disabled and in my late fifties. My Dr. has wanted me to hve a roommate for several reasons yet Housing refuses to allow. It wld also help me feel safer since they have me trapped living under Bee Co. My son is in Canada. I’m grateful for assistance and to chose where I want to live instead of public housing projects. HOWEVER, It is sad that they have rental assistance programs u have to live in fear. I feel I’m violated a sense of raped emotionally, mentally, physically, financially on a daily basis past 3yrs. I’m a Christian. My strong spiritual relationship w Jesus Christ is all that has kept me sane. If anyone knows how I can bypass these counties saying there section 8 is closed I already have a voucher. It seems they cld split difference w Bee County when someone is being violated or not safe?!!!!!

  147. Hello. I hv a Co worker who moved from Orange County CA to Washington DC. She told me that it took 1month for them to get the paper work through to DC. When DC office called her for an interview (they called on a tues. And wanted her to come in that Thurs.) she told them she was unable to come because she was still in CA. They reschedule the interview for 2weeks

    She took a plane to DC and stayed with her daugher. She said they gv her 3months to find a place here in DC.

  148. ? I’ve been living in Iowa for a year under tbra voucher just switched over to section 8 program will I be able to port my section 8

  149. what is the proper steps to take to transfer it from pa to pa but different counties schuylkill to lebanon…..
    must i reapply or is it easier?

  150. Hi everyone I have a Question anybody that can answer it I will highly appreciate it.I live in NYC I placed my portability to New Jersey I been waiting for a month to get called from NJ..What happens if I can’t find an a apt in NJ? Do I remain where I’m living at now? Or do I have to move regardless? Thank you. .

  151. What if I am on a waiting list in one City for a voucher, can i use it in another city once i get my voucher, or do i have to use it in the city that i applied in first?

  152. ok so i have had my housing choice voucher for pass 4 years now, have resided in same house. i am wanting to trANSFER out of state. I currently live in New Orleans and wanting to go To colorado… i see so many housing authoritys that have (CLOSED) waiting list, does that include the people like me, DO I NEED TO GET ON WAITING LIST…???? SO CONFUSED

    • No, you don’t need to get on the voucher waiting list. You just need to check with the county you are moving to to see if they are absorbing.

    • Yes you CAN move immediately after getting your voucher…you DON’T have to wait a year. That’s only if you already rented a place wrented there.

    • So now I have to wait
      Again to be able to move
      To Elizabeth, nj
      Great probably around may or June:/
      I’m not signing nothing.

      Hate miami Florida :/

  153. my mom just got her voucher in dixie county fl but its too far from family can she change it to orange county fl

  154. I recently got approved for section 8 in another state from which i live how long do i have to live in the state which approved me before I can transfer it to another state

  155. I am currently on the wait list for section 8 in Lewiston Id. Just got told I’m at the top of the list. Can I transfer my voucher to Florida without living in Lewiston for a year?

  156. Hi,
    Just wondering if your voucher had been terminated for a week or two and they reinstate it, can you still Port out or do they start your year all over again.

  157. Hello, cherry hill I’m planing to move to Orlando fl, what are the steps I need to do to transfer my section 8 voucher from connetticut to Orlando fl. Thanks….
    Any suggestions….????

  158. Hello i have a voucher from alabama i will like to move in 2017 either new york or Philadelphia but am just afraid 60 days i wont find a unit what should i do .also why when you have a voucher many places want income if not they wont even look at your voucher.

  159. Currently a senior student at USC Sumter. Im trying to port out to the Sumter area to finish my bachelor’s degree. The many years of driving has taken a toll on my vehicle so moving closer will save gas and money. I work at BOSCH in Charleston SC. Do anyone knows of any houses or apartments for rent close to the college area? Porting out from
    Georgetown SC.

  160. i’m being harassed by my neighbor and need to move because my landlord wont be bothered. I lucked out getting this place so i probably wont be so lucky again. Is there anyplace in california that has houses for rent and will except a sec 8 voucher? my grandson lives in the folsom area but i’m desperate so almost anywhere

  161. I been living in my current apt for 5 yrs its been nothing but hell.I have called 311 more than 20 times for not having heat waterbugs mold on my ceiling no working intercom and on top of that the slumblord forged my signature on the repair papers when the job wasn’t even finished
    I had put in a portability transfer and they denied me with any further explanation. .Section 8 is full of crap and so are these slumblord. I haven’t had any cooking gas ( entired) building for 3 months and nothing been done
    This slumblord should be taken off the list from taking section 8 recipients
    .now I need to do another transfer move out ASAP. .I don’t wish this on nobody

    • Did you inform Section 8, because everything you mentioned is against policies.

  162. Hi, I am planning to transfer from Eugene, OR to Portland, OR. After they transfer my voucher, can I start looking for a place and fill out applications? Like how soon can I do that once they sent out my voucher for transfer?

  163. I have section 8 voucher and my lease is up at the end of the month I want to transfer to a different county and I already found a new place there what will happen if the transfer hasn’t went through before my lease is up

  164. I asked that my new voucher be transferred to a dif county same state 2 weeks ago..I already found an apartment and have acceptance letter we are waiting for my transfer..how long does it take. The new county said they can scan my info to them to make it faster..but it still isn’t there yet I would hate to lose this apartment because the transfer is taking too long and I need to move out if my current apartment

  165. I want to move to a different city and I’m trying to find out if your voucher amount changes



    • well get off the program if its so wack.. apparently it was helpful to you cuz you signed up for it. also moving cost alot, so you expect to be able to move whenever and however and expect housing to be ok, THERE ARE RULES YA KNOW….. UNGREATFUL PEOPLE…. since you say its the worst program, ever, GIVE IT UP, LET SOMEONE ELSE GET THAT SPOT….

  167. Hi..i have question ?? My partner have seccion 8 she have 2 bedroom two daughter and her ..she can add me and my kids in her seccion 8 we not married but we together for 6 years we planing to married soon but we scared they take seccion 8 out from her ??

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