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Becoming a section 8 landlord

So you want to know what it takes to become a section 8 landlord? You’ve come to the right place. I’m here to give you advice you can use. I’ve been a section 8 landlord for quite a while and it’s been challenging yet rewarding.


Can you make money being a section 8 landlord? Yes. And I’ll teach you how.  Stay tuned to this website to learn all of my tips and tricks to becoming a profitable Section 8 landlord.  Browse my Section 8 Landlord category to view all articles.

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Written by Jason Strick

A landlord and Section 8 housing and application expert.


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  1. Is it likely that a landlord is getting sec8 payment & is getting full rent from me becuase I don’t have a voucher, is doing this illegally? When I got this place I was employed, put down 2 months, & have done many many improvements all documented, the place was rented “as is” & not advertised as sec 8 then. Why would he be advertising now as sec 8 unless he’s getting $ from the government??

    • So sorry, but I’m not sure I understand your question. How could he be getting section 8 payments without a section 8 tenant in there? They would have to pass inspection first by a Section 8 inspector who would have had to enter your apartment. So you would have known.

  2. I have a condo for sale and have a renter interested who is a section 8 renter. Are there any downsides to having a section 8 renter? Do you know of any condo associations or homeowners association rules that state you cannot have section 8 renters?

    • If your condo allows you to rent at all then you CAN rent to a section 8 renter. They have all the rights and probably more of a normal tenant. Go to their home and check out the condition of their place, that’ll give you an idea of how your condo will look like when they are through with it.

    • As landlord, I know, sometimes we delay certain repairs. Having Section 8 renters force you to keep your property in good conditions. You have a steady income and you “extend” the life of your property. When you get the application, instead of running the credit, just check about the housekeeping with the previous landlord.

    • All you need to do is post in your ad that you accept Section 8 renters. Then when a tenant comes and says they have section 8, ask them for their papers which should have directions on how to deal with the local housing authority.

    • I think he means how does a landlord get paid and what percentage does the housing authority pay

  3. Please tell me how to become a section 8 landlard. I have such a hard time tring to get section 8 tenant in my houses, the tenant tell me section 8 will not set up an appointment for them to sign the paper. Depend on who the landlard is, can you please tell me what to do and how to deal with housing authority. Thank you so very much.



    • Do some just ask the tenant for any moving papers or any proof they are on section 8. Then call the number on the paper.

  4. Is there a cap on section 8 rents?

    My tennat has become unemployed and says section 8 will pay is back rent due, is this true?

    • It is true that they can go under a re certification where Section 8 will reevaluate their new income level and may change the payment to you accordingly, up to the full rent. However, the tenant must be proactive about this and request a hearing immediately with their case worker to make this adjustment. You can threaten the tenant that you will hold him accountable and note that if they do get evicted they will also be booted from the Section 8 housing program (which they don’t want). So you do have some leverage because if Section 8 finds out they stiffed you and you can prove it, they will take them off the program. In SOME cases I have seen that they will back pay the amount from when your tenant can prove that section 8 was wrong, and that section 8 should’ve known they had no income and been paying more as of a certain date when the loss of income occured. This is rare but can happen. I had this happen, but the tenant had stated from the beginning that she had no income, so it was easy to prove that Section 8 should’ve been paying the whole amount from the start and that they had wrongly assessed the tenant. But either way, the tenant has to do this legwork. They will not talk to you about it.

    • Pick up your local papers and check for the one with the most ads in the classifieds that say “Section 8 Ok” or “Section 8 Welcome” Advertise in that. Then you’ll get calls from local Section 8 voucher holders, they’ll tell you who to talk to at their housing authority.

  5. i have a property in redlands ca and would like to know if there is more than just placing an ad ” section 8 ok ” to rent and how does the monthly payment work ? thanks

  6. I am a section 8 renter from a government subsadite apartment, i want to move to a section 8 house, how can i go about it? the landlord is very cooprative please help me.

    • You would have to follow the same process. Is the house owned by the same Landlord? Otherwise if your Lease is not up, You would need a letter from him to Section 8, releasing you from the contract. Submit papers for the house to Section 8, it’d have to pass inspection…

  7. i am asection8 land lord. does the renter need a voucher of his/her own voucher? or do they qualafy to rent becouse they are on public assistance and disabilaty socisal security program?

    • I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly. I’ll give it a try. A prospect tenant can be on public assistance or SSI but this doesn’t mean they are on the Section 8 program. The applicant has to give Landlord, Section 8 form to start the move-in process.

  8. I,have a property to rent and it is in modification and the modification is current can it be rented on section 8

    • If by “modification” you mean the property is being rehabbed, yes, you can show it, get apps, but you must have it ready for Section 8 Move-in Inspection. As a Landlord, I suggest you to get an “Inspection Checklist”

  9. What are the benefits of section 8? If the property is damaged will section 8 kick the tenants out of the program? Does section 8 pay for any repair costs?

    • They will not kick the tenants out. Nor pay repair costs. You must handle it as any landlord would… by yourself.

  10. I’m a home owner thinking about renting home to Section 8.
    If I’m behind on mortgage payments, will the housing authority deny
    me as a landlord?

    • No they will know nothing about your mortgage history. However, they may check to see if the taxes are current to determine the risk of possible Foreclosure.

  11. We have a section 8 property in San Pedro CA that we rented
    in September 2009. We filled out all papers had inspection were
    given a vendor number. We have been promised three times now by the
    Section 8 housing local office that we will be paid immediately and
    that all paperwork has been submitted. As of today Jan 3, 2010 we
    have not been paid. Who can we contact to get this resolved as it
    appears the local office does not know what they are

  12. I have a house in villa rica ga. I need to get rented asap I would like to make it a section 8 rental> how do i start? 7403 monticello drive villa rica ga 30180

  13. I have three houses that I rent out. Is there any restriction with section 8, if you are related to the potential tenant?


  15. Will section 8 make you replace old wood windows if they are in good shape but the screens are torned, and will they do a roof inspection and make you replace worn shingles even if the roof does not leak?

    • I agree, change all broken screens. Also, if the windows are painted, make sure they don’t have chipping paint. Section 8 will fail you for the smallest detail! Specially if they’re those old ones that are painted over paint, over paint, over paint… you know what I mean.

  16. I’m looking at buying up some trailers in my home town and
    trying to putting them on section 8. How do I apply for them and
    what process should i take?

    • Call the county housing authority to double check that they allow trailers, then advertise to section 8 renters.

  17. Also when rentong to section 8 tenants, do you have to pay
    for all the gas, electric bills, etc…., or they can pay for

  18. My son rents from us and he is eligible for section 8 subsidy. Will they accept family members as landlords?


    • According to the Housing Authority rules Landlords cannot rent to family members that have Section 8 vouchers.

  19. When we first bought our house and befroe we had kids, we rented out one of our rooms. It was just like being in college again and all sharing a house. It was me, my future husband and a good friend of ours though. I’d have a hard time renting to a perfect stranger when there are no separate living spaces though. I’d be worried about my stuff getting stolen, etc. I did it and it works well if you can find someone you know and trust. Networking with friends/coworkers/family is the best way to find someone reliable.

  20. I’ve been told that I can apply to be a Section 8 Landlord online. Do you happen to know just where I would find such an application online? Even HUD doesn’t seem to have one.
    Thank you

    • There is no such application online. You have to go into your local housing authority to get an application.

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