Section 8 Facts

How to get section 8 housing, application

Section 8 FACTS

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    Getting Section 8 Application Approved Fast

    The amount of renting a property, even a very small studio unit or apartment, can actually take up a huge part of your monthly income. For low-income renters, it is often very unaffordable and many individuals and families struggle to pay for just a small unit. To address this growing concern among low-income renters, Section […]

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    Section 8 housing in each state. How hard is it?

    Looking for section 8 housing? We know getting section 8 is competitive. But first of all, how hard is it to get section 8 housing in each state? I’ve compiled a beautiful visual graph that you can play with by mousing over the bars. This little gem tells you how likely you are to find […]

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    Section 8 Guidelines for unit size (how many bedrooms)

    One of the more popular articles on this website is the “section 8 guidelines for unit size” article. This article has more than 600 comments! Mostly with people wanting to know how many bedrooms they qualify for. Below I will detail the GENERAL rules for housing and how many bedrooms you may be eligible for. […]

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    FAQ #4: If I add someone to my Section 8 who earns money, will I lose my Section 8 benefits?

    This is another common question. Oftentimes, voucher holder want to have an additional person living with them. This may be a boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-spouse, parent, or other family member. This is not a problem (as long as the new addition does not have a felony conviction, read here Remember, there is a distinction between adding […]

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