Section 8 Facts

How to get section 8 housing, application

Section 8 FACTS

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    Getting Section 8 Application Approved Fast

    The amount of renting a property, even a very small studio unit or apartment, can actually take up a huge part of your monthly income. For low-income renters, it is often very unaffordable and many individuals and families struggle to pay for just a small unit. To address this growing concern among low-income renters, Section […]

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    Section 8 housing in each state. How hard is it?

    Looking for section 8 housing? We know it’s competitive. But first of all, how hard is it to get section 8 housing in each state? I’ve compiled a beautiful visual graph that you can play with by mousing over the bars. This little gem tells you how likely you are to find section 8 housing […]

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    Our section 8 application breaking news page!

    Announcing our section 8 breaking news page. Instead of creating lengthy articles on housing authority’s that announce application or waitlist openings, we’ll point you directly to the source of the breaking news and directly to the housing authority that announced the section 8 application and housing opportunity. I’ll stay on top of the news , […]

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    Section 8 Guidelines for unit size (how many bedrooms)

    One of the more popular articles on this website is the “guidelines for unit size” article. Found here This article has more than 600 comments! Mostly with people wanting to know how many bedrooms they qualify for. Below I will detail the GENERAL rules for housing and how many bedrooms you may be eligible for. […]

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